Ethereum DEX Operator Launches Lightning Network App Store

Radar, a cryptocurrency startup known for operating a decentralized exchange on the Ethereum network, has launched an app store that collects applications built on the Lightning Network.

The company’s goal, according to CEO Alan Curtis, is to become the “homepage of the Lightning Network.” Radar’s new platform lets users discover new applications built on Bitcoin’s layer-two scaling solution and use them through Radar using a single payment channel.

The move follows Radar releasing its ION platform, which included various tools designed to help onboard users onto the Lightning Network. These include a configuration helper to set up a node on the network, an invoice ‘playground’ to help users test their nodes, and a liquidity tool to help out with receiving payments.

Speaking to TheBlock Curtis stated:

ION isn’t a pivot; we've identified the Bitcoin Lightning Network as a promising technology (with nearly free and near-instant payments) and launched ION as our second product earlier this year. The ION App Store is an expansion towards our efforts in becoming the Homepage of the Lightning Network.

Radar made headlines earlier this year after raising $10 million from the Digital Currency Group, Blockchain Capital, and others. The company is set to keep focusing on BTC’s scaling solution.