Crypto Market Update: Focus on Bitcoin (BTC), XRP, and Tezos (XTZ)

This article provides a quick overview of how the crypto market has been doing—with special focus on Bitcoin (BTC), XRP, and Tezos (XTZ)—over the past 24-hour period.

Bitcoin (BTC)

At 16:22 UTC on Sunday (August 4), BTC-USD went above $11,000 on Coinbase for the first time since July 20.  

According to the CryptoCompare Index, at press time (18:49 UTC on August 4), BTC-USD is trading at $10,974, up 0.97% in the past 24-hour period:

BTC-USD 24 Hour CC Chart - 4 August 2019.png

BTC dominance is over 70% and its Year-to-Date (YTD) return on investment is over 195%.


As for the third most valuable cryptoasset (by market cap), at the time of writing (19:00 UTC on August 4), XRP-USD is trading at $0.3225, up 1.8% in the past 24-hour period:

XRP-USD 24 Hour CC Chart - 4 August 2019.png

One reason for the rise in the XRP price might be the renewed enthusiasm around XRP following the very positive comments MoneyGram CEO Alex Holmes made about Ripple and its xRapid product on Friday (August 2) during his company's Q2 2019 earnings call.

In particular, the MoneyGram CEO seemed to find it hard to contain his excitement about Ripple's XRP-powered cross-border liquidity solution xRapid:

We're literally settling currencies in seconds, and to quote my friend Larry, this is really cool.

Tezos (XTZ)

Coinbase announced on Tuesday (July 30) that Tezos (XTZ) would get listed on August 4 on Coinbase Pro, Coinbase's crypto trading platform for experienced/professional traders/investors. This announcement was made around 17:00 UTC on July 30:

Just a couple of hours before Coinbase Pro's announcement, XTZ-USD was trading at $1.016. Within 2 hours, the XTZ price rose to $1.25. 

Currently (at 17:03 UT on August 4), XTZ-USD is trading at $1.473, which suggests that Coinbase might be responsible for a 45% increase in the price of XTZ:

XTZ-USD 24 Hour CC Chart - 4 August 2019.png

Other Altcoins

Here are how some of the most popular cryptoassets are doing at the moment:

Altcoins 24 Hour CC Chart on 4 August 2019.png

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