What began as a somewhat light-hearted debate between two opposing bitcoin mindsets has devolved into a fiasco. New York University Professor and bitcoin critic Nouriel Roubini has threatened a lawsuit towards BitMEX and its CEO Arthur Hayes over what he calls unfair treatment in the aftermath of their ‘Tangle in Taipei’ debate.

Roubini Threatens Lawsuit

Roubini claims to be unfairly represented in a video of the debate released by Arthur Hayes. According to the NYU Professor, Hayes prohibited organizers of the event from live-streaming the discussion, in addition to blocking audience members from recording what was being said.

Hayes now owns the media rights to the debate, including the only footage existing between the two. 

The Block was able to publish a transcript of the debate, but Roubini claims the footage eventually released by Hayes to media outlets was purposively doctored to misrepresent him and support a pro-bitcoin stance. 

Roubini took to Twitter on July 5 with harsh words for Hayes, publicly insulting the crypto exchange CEO. 

Trading Insults

Roubini has continued to refer to bitcoin and crypto-asset investors as gamblers, a theme he continued in his debate with Arthur Hayes.

The NYU Professor said, 

“These [crypto investors] don’t give a shit about anything…they make money off gambling.”

Roubini also has a pinned tweet on his official account calling the BitMEX business model an attempt to bankrupt “degenerate gamblers” and “clueless retail suckers” with their 100-times leverage product. 

In the debate, Hayes called out Roubini’s unprofessional behavior and personal insults, questioning why a professor at a prestigious institution would sink to that level. 

Twitter users weighed in on the exchange, with some imploring Roubini to consider his behavior before further tarnishing his reputation. 

Others seem to be enjoying the show.

Earlier today, BitMEX published a “teaser” to the debate and indicated that more would follow.