Flexa, a cryptocurrency payments startup that earlier this year partnered with cryptocurrency exchange Gemini to launch its real-time payment system for consumers, has recently added Litecoin to its SPEDN mobile wallet app, which lets users spend LTC on over 39,000 merchants.

According to Litecoin.com, LTC was supposed to be integrated into Flexa’s point of sale payments app as soon as it launched, as its whitepaper details it would be one of the four cryptocurrencies it would support at launch, alongside bitcoin, ether, and bitcoin cash.

While the motive for the delay is unclear, most speculate it was on purpose to capitalize on the upcoming halving event, that’ll see block rewards on the Litecoin network drop form 25 LTC to 12.5 LTC per block. This has helped the cryptocurrency’s price hit a high it hadn’t seen in over a year.

Flexa’s release notes that it currently offers direct point-of-sale payments “at more than 39,250 stores” across the United States. This, as some of its partners include Amazon-owned Whole Foods, GameStop, Barnes & Noble, and Nordstrom.

Speaking from the Asia Blockchain Summit in Taipei, Litecoin creator and Litecoin Foundation executive director Charlie Lee stated:

I’m excited to see Flexa help push mainstream adoption of Litecoin payments. Being able to pay with LTC at all these new major merchants is great for the entire Litecoin community.

Currently, Flexa’s SPEDN is only available within the United States and on devices running the iOS operating system. The startup is, however, looking to test a beta version of its Android app later on this year.

Options for users to pay with cryptocurrency at retail stores and popular e-commerce platforms have been growing. As covered, cryptocurrency payments firm CLIC Technology and blockchain infrastructure provider Opporty partnered earlier this year to release a browser extension that’ll allow users to shop on Amazon using Ethereum’s ether.