Cryptocurrency custody startup Casa has recently launched a new ‘lightweight’ mobile app that’s set to help attract new cryptocurrency users and bolster the adoption of both bitcoin and lightning network nodes.

The new app, called Sats App, reportedly works as a noncustodial wallet with unique features that’ll make it easier for bitcoin users to manage their own lightning network node on the go, CoinDesk reports.

Casa’s CEO, Jeremy Welch, revealed the crypto custody startup will add a rewards program to the Sats App, that’ll allow users to earn small amounts of bitcoin. The app’s goal is to help bitcoin newcomers start earning crypto and evolve to the point they’re managing their own node. Welch was quoted as saying:

Features are focused on increasing adoption of bitcoin and lightning nodes. You will be able to earn bitcoin if you don’t have a Casa node, but you will be able to earn bitcoin faster if you have a node.

Casa’s customers who are currently “running thousands of active nodes” can now access the app, and its public release via mobile app stores is scheduled for later this month. The app, Welch added, is “private, secure, and connects over Tor.”

The cryptocurrency startup has notably been expanding. Last year it launched its Casa lightning node device, as well as a Keymaster mobile app for tech-savvy customers who’re looking to protect their BTC.

Its new mobile app is meant to help onboard those curious about the cryptocurrency space. Its first reward is set to be of 20,000 satoshis. Note that one bitcoin is made up of 100 million satoshis.

Our first announced SatsBack reward will be 20,000 satoshis just to get your Casa Node all connected up on Tor and connected to Sats App.

Ideally, CoinDesk added, Casa’s team will be able to provide users an easy way to hold their own funds, instead of holding them on cryptocurrency exchanges. The number of apps letting users earn crypto is seemingly on the rise, as earlier this year John McAfee launched a “Bitcoin Play” app letting users earn BTC while testing their crypto knowledge.