On the 19-20 of June blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts from around the world met in the capital of Netherlands, Amsterdam for Blockchain Expo Europe conference on various subjects related to decentralized start-ups, innovative blockchain solutions and investments. We, the Blockchain Agents, visited the conference and made some observations about its speakers, participants and, of course, the girls.

The most charismatic speakers

As you know great conferences always require great speakers. It is a law. Blockchain Expo Europe 2019 was quite demanding about speakers as they were not just great, they were really the best. The organizers of the event invited the leaders of the blockchain industry and the content of all speeches demonstrated the speakers’ high expertise.

I was really impressed by the number of great knowledgeable speakers at the event: Emmanuel Delerm, Director of Blockchain projects at Carrefour, Julian Grey, Technology Director at BP, Herve Francois, Blockchain Initiative lead at Ing, Bart-Jan Holleman, Senior Sector developer at Rabobank. The speakers shared their experience of blockchain adoption for handling problems and business process improvement.

Most of all I was impressed by the bold and audacious adviser of blockchain startups and fintech influencer Richard Kastelein, who is also the founder of Blockchain News.

If you meet this guy just once you will never be able to forget him. He has amazing ability to analyze the market, evaluate the main players, point out the main problems and predict the future just in 10 minutes. Richard’s facial expressions change all the time and it is difficult to stop talking to him. He can definitely hypnotize any person.

Another speaker who made me believe his every word was Andrew Zimine from Exscudo. At Blockchain Expo Europe Andrew made speech on the topic “The Bank is dead! Long live the Bank! How can banks survive the changing financial landscape?”

Andrew underlined that to stay afloat amidst the rapidly changing sea of modern finance, traditional banks had to change and learn to work in a beneficial partnership with rising fintech startups. When Andew was making speech he looked like a missionary who did not just believe his words himself, but also wanted others to believe them and switched to the Light side.

The Most Interesting Participants

It’s time to bring the cool factor to exhibition booths and do away with boring shell scheme setups. It is important to have engaging designs and ideas that don’t create a barrier between companies and the attendees. We’ve found some amazing booths at Blockchain Expo Europe 2019 and want to tell you about them.


Exscudo always tries to impress visitors with unusual ideas. Not only it gave us the CHANNELS app, a mix of a secure messenger, a mobile wallet and a currency exchanger. Exscudo gives great emotions. At Blockchain Expo Europe 2019 the company’s booth was full of people, Johammer motorcycle attracted attention of everyone.

Creating unique experiences such as this at a booth can help when you don’t have the budget for a big, fancy stand build. It’s a fairly simple idea, having attendees ride a motorcycle or they can just take a picture with a vehicle. But it creates a memorable connection between brand and attendee, and everyone is having fun doing it! An excellent use of space.

Booth guests could get technical and commercial information about latest company’s developments, discuss prospects for cooperation, watch videos about advantages of Exscudo ecosystem and ask questions.


The Telos booth was very popular and there was a reason for that. The company’s representatives were not only answering questions of the visitors about Telos achievements. At the booth guests could see real products of the company in action. This is an awesome way to hold attendees’ attention and make arrangement about further cooperation.


The company created a “garden” atmosphere to bring comfort to their attendees and

immediately put them at ease when showcasing products. This concept for INDETAIL’s exhibition stand helped guests really to relax and discuss possible cooperation in a friendly manner. Creating realistic event spaces such as this always good and gives visitors only positive emotions.


The biggest booth of the exhibition. If they wanted to impress the visitors by the size of the booth they managed to do so. There was space for every visitor and nobody had to wait when company’s representatives get free to answer questions. Such a great attitude! The booth reminded me a stylish blue train moving straight to future of innovations!

The main surprise at the exhibition floor

People who visited Blockchain Expo Europe 2019 received a lot of useful information about blockchain companies, EU regulation, fintech trends and challenges of blockchain implementation in different industries.

All guests had a great opportunity to find out more about future of blockchain however they were impressed much more when they saw on the exhibition floor the real futuristic Johammer motorcycle, the 8th world wonder, symbolizing the great future built on innovations. This amazing vehicle was presented on the booth of Exscudo company and made a splash among visitors.

Johammer motorcycle is a futuristic electric cruiser with innovative energy technology. Johammer electric motorcycle breaks 200 km range, looks like you’re riding a terrified snail. The model was developed and manufactured in Austria, it was designed by Leonie Lawniczak & Jean-Marie Lawniczak. At the exhibition some of guests tried to experience the motorcycle personally to make sure it was real. It looked quite funny in a serious fintech environment.