Bitcoin Repulsed at $12K, Sent Down - Short Term Price Analysis

After tempting us with a potential end to its corrective period by attempting to retake $12,000, it seems that Bitcoin (BTC) has been dragged right back into this former zone and - for now - isn’t going anywhere.

Weak close(source:

Let’s start with the daily. Yesterday we observed that the leading crypto would need to close above about $11,800 to lock in a presence at that level. However, we got nowhere near that, and yesterday’s daily closed below both the important $11,200 swing line and the 9-day exponential moving average (EMA).

Price is definitely trending down now in the short term. $11,000 has already been lost at the time of writing, and the next important zone to watch is now $10,800-600. Bitcoin was already bought up in this zone last night; but it seems more than likely for price to come well into this zone and really test it.

$10.6 is the new level to watch for the next day or so(source:

If this former zone does not hold, the next level to hold is the critical $10k. The failure to break $12k probably means $10k will be less likely to hold this time. A look at the 4-hour MACD indicator does not fill us with hope, either, with a bearish crossover joined by a histogram falling through to the downside.

4-hour MACD crossover usually a solid swing indicator down(source:

Even the 1-hour shows little sign of improvement, with lower prices matched by lower RSI levels. Another leg down on price combined with a higher RSI would be our first sign of confidence in the short term.

$11.2 likely to be reject price down(source:

At the time of writing, price is looking to retest the $11.2 mark as well as some of the EMAs. Closing above the 9 EMA would be a start, and volume for this hour is sure to outpace the previous one. Rejection from $11.2 and the EMAs, however, could send Bitcoin down to $10k itself, and at least to $10.6k.

Amid this downtrending action, however, we should keep in mind that the long term trend remains very much up until proven otherwise.

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