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We see countless deals and promotions offered to new users by emerging companies every day, but there’s not much out there that can compare to the mouth-watering promo ATAIX has crafted for its new users. Yes, you read that headline right: ATAIX will let you trade on every single pair listed on the platform for absolutely free. For the entire month of July 2019.

The deal is available for any user that signs up on ATAIX before July 10th 2019 11:59:59PM UTC. All you have to do is sign up with promo code FT6283 and trade away, not worrying about fees. You will be able to deposit and trade immediately after completing the signup procedure, but please note that in order to be able to withdraw, you will need to clear their seamless, 1-step KYC.

Being on the radar for less than a year, ATAIX has been jumping from one trading volume milestone to another by listing coins with solid and proven projects behind them, as well as attracting their large communities to the platform. The existing user base cites the exchange’s seamless UX, eye-pleasing design and fast, reliable support as the key reasons they hold funds on the platform.

ATAIX is also one of the few exchanges out there to provide IEO services, a service that has caught the eyes of project teams and traders alike. After successfully conducting the IEO of one of its listed coins, ATAIX has promised new announcements to its users within the next couple of months.

It doesn’t stop there for ATAIX though, as its team is working on feature after feature. The latest one in these developments is the support of the Euro currency, which has been announced to be available early this July, making ATAIX one of few exchanges out there to offer fiat trading.

Sign up now and take advantage of the offer!