A.S. Roma Partners With Socios to Conduct "Fan Token Offering"

Samuel Haig
  • 24 Jul 2019
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Italian Professional football club, Associazione Sportiva Roma (A.S. Roma), has announced that it will launch an “official Fan Token” in partnership with Socios.

Socios is a platform that allows sporting clubs to distribute digital tokens that facilitate voting rights, rewards, and exclusive merchandise offers. Other soccer clubs currently offering Fan Tokens through Socios include Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, and West Ham United.

A.S. Roma Becomes Latest Soccer Club to Issue “Fan Token”

From Autumn onwards, fans of the club will be able to influence decisions regarding the naming of a club facility, choose a player to feature in a live Q&A on Twitter, and select pre-match activities at the Stadio Olimpico. The club also indicated that additional matters will be made available for fans to vote on “in due course.”

Francesco Calvo, the chief revenue officer of A.S. Roma, applauded the partnership, stating:

Thanks to Socios.com’s blockchain platform we can guarantee new opportunities to our fan base around the world, giving them the possibility to interact in an innovative way with their favorite team.

Alexandre Dreyfus, the founder and chief executive officer of Socios welcomed the partnership with A.S. Roma, stating: “This partnership gives us the opportunity to educate a huge audience of mainstream consumers to the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, across Europe as well as Asia and Latin America. If you add up all the fan bases of our current partners, we're already looking at a potential audience of hundreds of millions of sports fans and users.”

A.S. Roma Tokens to be Distributed by “Fan Token Offering”

To purchase the Fan Tokens, A.S. Roma supporters will first be required to purchase Socios’ native cryptocurrency, Chiliz (CHZ), which is currently listed on BitMax, KuCoin, and Binance DEX. Supporters can purchase the Fan Tokens in exchange for CHZ through a “Fan Token Offering.” The A.S. Roma Fan Token will be priced at €2 (approximately $2.23 each).

Fan tokens can also be earned through frequent interaction with the club on the Socios platform, of freely hunted through the app’s augmented-reality geo-location feature, “Token Hunt.”

The chief strategy officer for Socios, Max Rabinovitch, stated: ”It's exciting to be partnering with a club like AS Roma, which is eager to leverage its rich history and has a genuine willingness to evolve with the demands of modern football fans to really grow its footprint globally."

OpenLibra Project Lead Accused of Scamming in ICO Controversy

Michael LaVere
  • OpenLibra co-founder Lucas Geiger is in the midst of controversy stemming from the 2018 Wirelineio ICO.
  • Web3Journal founder Andrew Lee says he invested $1 million into Geiger's Wireline ICO and has not had any update since.

Just a day after the announcement of OpenLibra, a decentralized fork of Facebook’s digital currency libra, the project lead is being accused of past ICO controversy.

OpenLibra co-founder Lucas Geiger first announced the project on Oct. 9, at the Ethereum Foundation’s DevCon 5 conference held in Osaka, Japan. However, Twitter user Andrew Lee was quick to call out Geiger for his previous role in the WireLine.io ICO in 2018, in which Geiger is also a co-founder. 

According to Lee, who is the founder of Web3Journal, he and several friends invested $1 million into Lucas’ Wireline ICO. Despite making the investment, Lee claims he has not heard from Geiger in “months” and that the project's advisor Sizhao Yang made numerous false promises. 

Lee went on to post a series of text messages attempting to contact Geiger without reply. The messages say that the Wireline token release was promised for Q2 2018 and that the project would receive an investment from the Ethereum Community Fund (ECF). Due to the lack of communication, Lee is encouraging users not to invest in Geiger’s OpenLibra project. 

Lee also called out Geiger’s emphasis on open-source for the OpenLibra project, insinuating that he should be more forthcoming about his role in the Wireline.io ICO.

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pixabay.com