CryptoCompare, a leading cryptocurrency market data provider, has recently partnered with derivatives exchange BitMEX to provide professional investors on the Refinitiv Eikon terminal with a real-time cryptocurrency futures dataset.

According to a press release shared with CryptoGlobe, the partnership will see BitMEX’s dataset delivered to Refinitiv, one of the largest financial market data providers, via CryptoCompare’s contributors conduit, and will be ultimately integrated into Refinitiv’s Eikon terminal.

BitMEX is notably a leading cryptocurrency futures trading platform, that achieved a new all-time high in trading volume earlier this year, registering $10 billion in a single day. The exchanges trading volume went up despite overall volume in the market dropping earlier this year.

Commenting on the new partnership, BitMEX’s CEO Arthur Hayes stated:

When it comes to investing, good decision-making depends on access to solid data insights.  We are pleased to deliver a new wealth of data on cryptocurrency futures for institutional investors that can contribute to their overall confidence throughout their decision-making process.

Per the press release, CryptoCompare has a long-standing partnership with Refinitiv, offering exchanges and information providers a “seamless way to contribute data to Refinitiv” that doesn’t involve time-consuming integration or other costly processes.

Charles Hayter, the CEO of CryptoCompare, noted the firm is looking forward to bringing a “real-time, high-quality dataset to professional investors on the Refinitiv Eikon terminal.” Hayter added the partnership will “increase transparency and confidence” in the cryptocurrency markets, which could in turn attract more institutional investors.