Caspian, a full-stack cryptocurrency trading, portfolio, and risk management platform for professional investors, has recently added the Seed Digital Commodities Market, a cryptocurrency exchange operated by Seed CX, to its network.

According to a recently published press release, the two companies recently formed a partnership that’ll allow institutional investors to use Capian’s cryptocurrency trading and portfolio management system, which covers the lifecycle of trades, to easily access Seed CX’s trading platform.

Commenting on the development Seed CX’s co-founder and CEO Edward Woodford stated:

This integration brings accessibility to institutional investors using Caspian’s technology to connect to our secure and efficient venue on which to trade digital assets, with robust margin models and strong risk controls.

Caspian’s platform reportedly makes it easier for professional traders to move funds across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges, and facilitates price discovery in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The platform’s network currently includes 35 cryptocurrency exchanges and over-the-counter (OTC) desks.

Per the press release, Caspian’s CEO Robert Dykes revealed both companies share the goal of bringing greater institutional participating into the cryptocurrency ecosystem, and to provide the tools required for it. Seed CX’s platform, it adds, has posted “some of the lowest execution fees of all digital asset execution venues globally.”

The company announced the launch of spot trading for institutional investors in January of this year, after raising $15 million in its series B funding round in September of last year. It brought its total funding to $25 million.