Modest Gains for Ethereum Price, But Eclipsed by BTC’s Run

Amid the shocking jumps in the price of Bitcoin in preceding weeks and days, Ethereum’s (ETH) price action has been rather tepid in comparison, mostly riding BTC’s coattails.

The leading smart contract crypto is churning in a zone of thick resistance, and could explode out of it when Bitcoin takes some time off from its monster rally. Although ETH/USD itself has clearly broken out of a critical resistance at $180, this breakout may have been tempered by the Bitcoin rally.

14 may eth price(source:

ETH price is respecting the typical dynamic between Bitcoin and altcoins; namely, when Bitcoin is doing something dramatic, altcoins take a back seat. On the ETH/USD pairing, Ethereum has gained about about 38% since May 7, versus as much as 42% gains on Bitcoin - with steep dips marking every Bitcoin pump.

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We may perhaps see a clearer view of the action from the ETH/BTC pairing. We can see that Ether is sold in favor of Bitcoin when the latter is running. But the decline might be held at a strong support, at the 0.025 BTC price.

14 may eth price(source:

Stepping back to the weekly timeframe, we can see that this 0.025 level is very important to hold. Ironically, any continuation to the current Bitcoin mega-run - fueled by a rash of fantastic news during Consensus 2019 - could push Ethereum under this critical support level.

14 may eth price(source:

It seems like a Bitcoin pullback must be coming soon, however - and in this case, ETH/BTC is likely to bounce off this critical support. Then, it may be time for leading altcoins to have their chance in the sun.

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Decentralized Exchange Kyber Network Adds Fiat-to-Crypto Support

Michael LaVere
  • Kyber Network DEX announces support for ETH purchases using fiat.
  • Clients can use the exchange's website or iOS and Android mobile applications. 

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) Kyber Network has announced support for a new fiat-to-crypto gateway that will allow users to directly purchase Ethereum's ether. 

Fiat to Ether DEX Support

According to the announcement, Kyber Network has become the first DEX to support the direct purchasing of ether using fiat. The release claims that clients can use either debit or credit cards in the purchase of ETH, in addition to instituting a low minimum purchase of 15 EUR per transaction. 

Support for the new feature comes after KyberSwap’s recent partnership with, a third-party service backed by MakerDAO which allows for the purchase of crypto via fiat. Kyber Network says they were prompted to implement crypto for fiat purchases as a way for new users to have easier access to ether,

“Everyone needs to first buy Ether (ETH) from somewhere, whether to trade or to use DeFi (decentralized finance) applications...Generally the first step is the hardest, but it’s even harder when it comes to buying cryptocurrency.”

The new gateway will be available through the DEX’s official website in addition to the iOS and Android mobile applications.


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