Bitcoin-Enabled Cycle Rickshaws Let You Pay via the Lightning Network

There are now Bitcoin-enabled cycle (or pedal) rickshaws, which can sell you Bitcoin (BTC) and let you pay your fare via Bitcoin's Lightning Network, on the streets of Glasgow, Scotland. is a trading name of AAO Technologies Ltd, a UK-based company that tries to make it easy for ordinary people to buy and sell Bitcoin.

Here is the process for buying Bitcoin:

  • Get a FastBitcoins voucher (having paid for it via fiat currency) via one of their partner businesses.
  • Visit the website to redeem the voucher. Here, after you have entered your voucher code, the fiat value of your voucher, your email address, and your Bitcoin wallet address, the bitcoin you purchased earlier will get delivered (either via the main chain or via the Lightning Network, depending on your choice):

FastBitcoins 1.png

The first time that CryptoGlobe reported on FastBitcoins was on 12 December 2018, when we wrote about one London taxi driver who loves Bitcoin (BTC) so much that not only has he been accepting Bitcoin for his taxi services since 2017 but he also sells bitcoin from the back of his cab to his passengers. That taxi driver sells Bitcoin in the form of vouchers mentioned above.

Now, a local business in Glasgow, Scotland, has partnered with FastBitcoins to "roll-out a fleet of Bitcoin-enabled pedal rickshaws" on the streets of the city. The press released shared with CryptoGlobe by FastBitcoins says that these rickshaws "have been introduced to the city as an initial trial by FastBitcoins to demonstrate the ease and simplicity of buying and spending with Bitcoin to the general public."

Once you spot a FastBitcoins-branded rickshaw, you can hail it in the same way you hail a taxi. You can choose to pay the fare in cash or via Bitcoin's Lightning Network. There is also the option "to quickly and safely purchase Bitcoin vouchers from the back seat via a nifty point-of-sale terminal operated by the rider."

Danny Brewster, Managing Director of, said:

“I am really excited to announce the launch of our Bitcoin-enabled rickshaws in Scotland. It is a fun concept, and with it we are trying to show the general public how Bitcoin can be made readily available and easy to use. Once consumers understand how easy it is to obtain and use, coupled with the added benefits of simply holding Bitcoin itself, more and more people will build infrastructure to help Bitcoin fulfil its potential on a global scale.”


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