Charles Hoskinson, the creator of both Cardano (ADA) and an Ethereum co-founder, has recently seen his interview with Yahoo Finance get dropped over the initial public offering (IPO) of internet unicorn Lyft.

The transportation company was valued at roughly $20.5 billion in its IPO, as its shares were offered at $72, instead of at $62 to $68 as it was originally planned. Despite the rise in the offering, investors still kept on buying and brought Lyft (ticker: LYFT) shares to an $88 high before they started correcting.

Hoskinson, who was going to be interview by Yahoo Finance as part of broader tour on New York City, documented his experience on social media, revealed initially through a tweet he was about to go on the interview.

Since Lyft’s shares started soaring, however, Yahoo Finance decided to drop his interview to keep on covering the IPO as it was the day’s hot topic. After revealing he was dropped Cardano’s founder tried to support him by claiming the cryptocurrency is superior to Lyft’s offering.

Hoskinson revealed he had a bad experience with Yahoo Finance, as he claims the popular publication, as he claims the producers “didn’t seem to care and didn’t apologize for wasting our time.”

Yahoo Finance data shows that Lyft’s shares have since their high dropped, although they closed on Friday at $78.6, meaning investors who got in at $72 are already in the green. The company, however, hasn’t been making a profit, which could mean the price may still drop.

The S&P 500, the US stock market’s benchmark index, also went up this week, partly thanks to Lyft’s IPO. It closed at 2,834.4, up 0.67% for the day. ADA itself is currently trading at $0.07 after rising 0.8% in the last 24-hour period, according to CryptoCompare data.

The cryptocurrency notably made headlines last week after its successful 1.5 upgrade saw the price of its token surge by 22%. Hoskinson has revealed, while speaking to Cheddar, that the crypto industry is still looking for a “Bluetooth or WiFi moment.”