Rig Miners to Benefit From Smart Crypto Mining Capabilities with CudoOS

Crypto mining software provider Cudo Miner has announced the release of its new operating system (OS), aptly named CudoOS. The UK-based company claims that the OS distribution will run as a “bare-metal” version and provide rig miners with the ability to quickly and easily set up a new mining rig, or recover a problematic rig, simply by using a USB stick.

The new operating system can be quickly deployed to the target rig, or run directly from an external hard disk. Cudo is not the first crypto mining software to be distributed as an ever-ready operating system image, with alternatives including SimpleMining OS (SMOS) and HiveOS.

However, Cudo believes it has some new ideas. CudoOS includes all of the features that Cudo Miner users enjoy in its standard graphical user interface miner. This includes the ability to overclock their graphics card inside the app and to automatically switch between mining the most profitable cryptos. Miners can also hold or get paid out in multiple different cryptos, including Bitcoin, Ether, Monero, Grin and Ravencoin. This is particularly useful for those miners who have had their eye on Ravencoin’s dramatic increase in price over the last few weeks and wish to hold Ravencoin while it continues to rise.

This latest software release follows the business’ recent update that Cudo Miner now supports Grin Coin, and includes new remote management features for the Cudo Miner web console, which enables users to control and manage any enrolled device, check the health of their rig, and graph their earnings per coin.

Moreover, the new CudoOS release has been developed to provide a more accurate calculation of estimated earnings – the most accurate in the industry according to Cudo – which has been a gripe of the mining community for some time, with many miners having been disappointed with inflated earning figures on a number of different miners in the past.

Pete Hill, Partnerships Director at Cudo Miner, commented: “We calculate earnings based on the valid shares received from the pool-side rather than the hashrate reported by the miner, making it the most accurate estimation of earnings.”

Hill added: “Our community has stressed the importance of checking in on their rigs. CudoOS offers a new way for miners to quickly set up or rebuild their rigs with everything they need, allowing them to spend time doing things they enjoy more, like overclocking or following up on mining tips.”

CudoOS is based on Linux Ubuntu 18.04, but stripped back for mining with non-essential features removed and AMD and NVIDIA GPU drivers pre-installed. The lean image fits on a 4GB USB stick, which Cudo says can be plugged into any Intel-based GPU mining rig to start mining within a few minutes.

CudoOS can be downloaded from the Cudo Miner website, and includes all the features as the simultaneous release of the Cudo Miner for Linux installer.

OKEx Pool Vows to Maintain EOS’ Security and Stability via Stable Block Production

OKEx Pool, a cryptocurrency mining pool that’s part of leading cryptoasset exchange OKEx, has revealed that its’ set to maintain EOS’ security and stability via a stable block production.

During the recent DELTA Summit in Malta, the cryptocurrency mining pool set itself apart as an innovative pioneer in the space and topped the EOS Block Producer (BP) rankings after vowing to guarantee a stable production of blocks, to help maintain the cryptocurrency network’s security and stability.

Block Producers on the EOS blockchain help maintain the network, and are rewarded with EOS for their work on the network – similar to miners on the Bitcoin blockchain. There are a total of 21 elected BPs EOS holders vote for.

OKEx’s mining pool has last month hosted an EOS Block Producer Pursuit, and gave back to the community by using its votes to contribute to the ecological development of EOS. In a release OKEx’s team wrote:

OKEx Pool supports both PoW and PoS/DPoS mining, a pioneer in the industry that focuses on innovative development. Not only does it offer the best services to customers, OKEx Pool also helps project teams to cultivate their quality projects on the EOS public blockchain, hence fostering the development of the whole ecosystem.

The mining pool also supports IOST staking, and has recently become a supernode of V Systems (VSYS). Users can also use SHA-256 or Scrypt mining hardware on OKEx Pool to contribute to its hashrate on the Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin networks, among others.

As CryptoGlobe reported during the DELTA Summit. OKEx also announced the launch of an initiative to develop global compliance standards for cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchange revealed it’s engaging exchanges and other market participants to develop a Global Self-Regulated Organization (SRO).

The SRO was announced by Enzo Villani, OKEx’s Head of International Strategy. Villani, a former Nasdaq executive, noted that while other organizations introduced initiatives to elevate standards for crypto exchanges, most focused on one jurisdiction only. OKEx’s goal is to create a global SRO to provide international standards.

Featured image via Unsplash.