Gamers will be able to cash in on their computer power with an exciting new app called FreeLoadr. Created by Online Blockchain, FreeLoadr enables PC gamers to ‘push start’ and earn free stuff, starting with video games.

By simply running the application, which is available at, users can earn FreeLoadr points based on computer power from their GPUs and CPUs. These points can then be redeemed within the FreeLoadr store, which boasts some of the hottest game titles available.

How does all this actually work?

No specialised equipment is required; if a computer has an NVIDIA GPU in it, FreeLoadr is using that GPU for mining purposes. The stronger the GPU, the more points the person earns. These points can then be redeemed for items within the FreeLoadr store. The user is not being rewarded in cryptocurrency, it is a simple exchange of power for points. When someone has enough points, they select the title they want and are then sent a code which unlocks the game. FreeLoadrs currently have over 3000 Steam and Origin games to choose from and there are more to come.

“We want to take mining to the next level by telescoping the process to its simplest and most fun form. No need for an exchange, complex mining software, wallets, bank accounts, credit cards… Just press go, let the software run and get a game of your choice.” – Clem Chambers

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