The main contributors to the Augur (REP) project, one of the world’s largest decentralized prediction market networks, have revealed some important updates regarding the platform’s ongoing development.

According to an official blog post (from Augur’s Medium account), the platform’s founders and primary contributors are planning to release the “final details for version 2 contract changes” in the “coming days.”

Augur Performance Metrics And Network Statistics

Some key Augur network performance metrics and the latest platform statistics, shared by its contributors, are as follows:

(Please note that the above estimates are based on an ETH price of $161.56)

Released and published on Github on March 31st, Augur’s application v1.11.0 reportedly features several “improvements to help aid market creators” in “understanding how [different] time zones interact with market end time.”

“Addressing Discrepancies Between Market End Time And Market Details”

As mentioned in Augur’s official post, these releases aim to address “discrepancies between market end time and market details.” They also contain “a patch … that fixes a bug users were experiencing when providing initial reporting.”

Additionally, the new codebase features a “more prominent display of when markets end to aid traders in understanding when a market’s definition is potentially invalid due to timezone or end time issues.”

Changes To User Interface Make It Easier To Understand Markets

As noted in the updated code release’s Github page, the “new verification modal dialog gives [users a] better understanding of the market [they] are about to create.” In previous versions of Augur’s codebase, there had been errors when users had tried to “report on mainnet markets.” However, these have now been fixed with the new code release.

Notably, Google Chrome support for Augur (REP) is no longer available, however Opera browser users can use Ledger products.

Clarifying that the Forecast Foundation has “no role in the operation of markets, trades or actions created or performed on the Augur protocol,” Augur’s blog also mentions that the foundation does not “have the ability to censor, restrict, control, modify, change, revoke, terminate or make any changes to markets created on the Augur protocol.”

Moreover, the blog notes that the Forecast Foundation has “no more control over the Augur protocol than anyone else using Ethereum.”