Bancor, a Zug, Switzerland-based firm focused on developing a “protocol for the creation of smart tokens” which can be traded through a decentralized exchange (DEX), has published its quarterly progress report (for Q1 2019).

Some of the key updates this year for Bancor (BNT) include building a “single interface” for the platform that is compatible with both the Ethereum and EOS network. This common interface can be accessed through Bancor’s “Unified Wallet” which allows users to convert between tokens residing on separate blockchains.

Bancor Adds Support For EOS’ REX & Samsung S10 Smartphone

Other important upgrades consist of “added functionality to Bancor’s Web App” which features advanced token analysis tools, support for the Ledger hardware wallet, and free-of-cost EOS accounts. Additionally, several ERC-20 compliant and EOS-based tokens were listed on Bancor’s network – along with “major integrations of Bancor protocol” such as support for the EOS Resource Exchange (REX) and the Samsung S10 smartphone.

According to Bancor’s official blog post, the protocol developers have managed to onboard more than 1,500 new users from their Kenya-based community “currency pilot” program, called the Sarafu Network. The program has reportedly “reached 70% usage in target villages.”

Support For MetaMask, TREZOR, And 138 Different Tokens

Bancor network users may also use the TREZOR hardware wallet to store their tokens and there’s also support for MetaMask (a tool that allows users to run Ethereum-based decentralized applications, or dApps, directly from their web browser, without having to download a full node).

The newly launched upgrades for Bancor also include updated token pages with “interactive price history charts.” These are currently displayed in ether (ETH), USD, and EUR. Moreover, the new features allow users to access “enhanced portfolio management” tools which have the option of “ filtering tokens by blockchain” and viewing token account balances.

Some important stats and milestones achieved by the Bancor network are as follows (as of March 31st, 2019):

  • “Tokens on Bancor Network — 138,”
  • “Token pairs on Bancor Network — 9,591,”
  • “Liquidity staked to Bancor Network — $12.7M+.”
  • “Active wallets on the Bancor Network in Q1 — 11,032 (+40% from Q4 2018),”
  • “Blockchains supported: Ethereum, EOS, POA,”
  • “Employees at Bancor Network R&D office — 50″