MadLipz, a social entertainment app that lets its users express themselves through short videos, has recently integrated Kin, a cryptocurrency launched by Kik, in a move that introduced 40 million users from over 100 countries to cryptocurrency.

According to data shared with CryptoGlobe, MadLipz has users creating content in over 80 languages, and in the past year alone has been downloaded over 29 million times. This allowed it to become number one in overall rank in 20 countries on the iOS App Store, and in 8 countries on Google Play.

The cryptocurrency’s integration means MadLipz’ users are now able to earn, gift, and receive Kin through the app. To earn the cryptocurrency on the platform, users have to do specific actions, like updating their profile pictures and generate content.

Currently, the app has between 1.1 and 1.3 million weekly active users (WAU), and 20% of them are actively earning Kin tokens. This means that every week, between 220,000 and 260,000 users earn the cryptocurrency.

This notably makes MadLipz one of the most successful apps that have integrated Kin, beating augmented reality beauty app Perfect365 – which reportedly has over 100 million users – and over 30 other competitors. According to a website tracking Kin usage, ahead of it is an app called Nearby and Kik’s own app.

In a statement sent to CryptoGlobe the company’s founder and CEO, Amir Alikhanzadeh, stated:

Our quick rise in ranking shows that the Kin integration is well received by our engaged user base and in the future Kin will be used by our users and potential partners alike through user-centric experiences.

Alikhanzadeh added that MadLipz’ initial rollout was “limited in spend opportunities,” and noted that in the future users will be given more ways to spend cryptocurrency within the app, as its goal is to become number one.

To date, a whopping 1.5 million Kin wallets have been created through the app. As CryptoGlobe covered, one of the first apps to integrate Kin was Kinit, which lets users earn the cryptocurrency through surveys and other tasks that come from companies like Red Bull and Swarovski.

Through Kinit, users can spend their Kin tokens on gift cards or transfer them to other users. Currently, the cryptocurrency is trading at $0.000047 per token, and CryptoCompare data shows it’s tradeable on various exchanges, including IDEX, HitBTC, Yobit, Etheremium, and more.

Featured image courtesy of MadLipz