Luis Cuende, the CEO at the Aragon One Team, a Switzerland-based firm that “encompasses the foundational team” focused on the ongoing developing of the Aragon project, an initiative that aims to “disintermediate the creation and maintenance of organizational structures,” has published a blog titled, “Making Ethereum great again.”

Cuende, a former Firefox OS developer, claims his team is doing their best to ensure that they create smart contracts which are secure and provide a “great user experience.” He pointed out that the Aragon project was launched on the Ethereum blockchain, however the platform’s developers are open to exploring other options including building applications on Polkadot (a Manchester-based firm building a protocol to allow independent blockchains to exchange information).

There Should Be A “Plan B”

Cuende added that the Aragon project developers are committed to ensuring that the decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) model becomes widely adopted in the foreseeable future. Clarifying that his team members “love Ethereum” and would like to continue building applications on the smart contract platform, Cuende noted the importance of having a “Plan B.”

According to Cuende’s assessment, “developers are the end-user of Ethereum.” He believes that “the latest UX advancements like meta-transactions, and the future protocol advancements like economic abstraction” will ensure that the end-user does not have to be concerned about Ethereum’s technical details.

Cuende also recommended not promoting Ethereum development as something equivalent to building a world computer. He argued that there are “more inspiring ways of selling Ethereum to developers.” Ethereum development, according to Cuende, should be promoted as something “like a clean canvas for societal experimentation.”

Cuende, who’s also the co-founder and CEO of Unpatent, a crowdfunding platform to “invalidate bad patents,” suggested “getting a new website” up on He also suggested crowdsourcing the development of the new website with EthDAO.

Ethereum Development Becoming “Tragedy Of The Commons”

Interestingly, Cuende believes “blockchains solve the tragedy of the commons… but Ethereum development is quickly becoming a tragedy of the commons itself.” He went on to reveal that he’s “heard from the Ethereum Foundation that allocating funds is hard, and [that he] knows it is from our experience with the Flock and Nest grant programs.”

While it may be challenging to acquire funding for what can be considered experimental projects, Cuende emphasized the importance of ensuring that adequate “funds need to be spent” in order to build useful products.