Last Thursday (April 4), the CEO and CTO of Singapore-based startup Enjin answered questions at an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session hosted by Telegram channel “Binance English”. This article focuses on some of the main highlights of this article, especially those involving the Enjin Wallet app, a special version of which is available for the Samsung Galaxy S10.

On March 18, Binance’s official Twitter account conducted two polls to determine for which of six projects the Binance English Telegram channel should host an AMA session:

After Enjin got the highest percentage of the votes from the Binance community on Twitter, Binance hosted this AMA session on April 4, and “over 7,000 people tuned in”. The two members of the Enjin team that were answering the questions were CEO Maxim Blagov and CTO Witek Radomski.

Enjin Coin (ENJ)

  • “Every blockchain asset or item minted in the Enjin Platform must have at least a small or a large amount of Enjin Coin(ENJ) staked inside of it, acting as both a certificate of authenticity and providing the minimum real world value to the asset.”
  • “The creator of an item (usually the game developer) decides how much ENJ an item should be worth, and that amount is staked in a smart contract during minting.”
  • “Any person who holds that item in the future can ‘melt’ it at any time to collect the ENJ — but melting the item will also destroy it, as well as its utility in games.”
  • “Millions of ENJ has already been locked into over 40 million items, and this is just the beginning of the adoption journey for ENJ!”

Enjin Platform

  • “The Enjin Platform is the ultimate tool for creating and using ERC-1155 blockchain items.”
  • “Game developers can simply install the Blockchain SDK and focus on how these new kinds of assets work in their actual game code. They don’t need to build complex blockchain infrastructure, servers, nodes, databases, or tooling.”
  • “Over 30 games have already started building with the Enjin Platform. The range of games is pretty amazing — RPGs, battle arenas, puzzle adventures.”

Enjin Wallet


  • “My number one favorite feature is the Samsung S10 Enjin Wallet integration.”
  • “We worked closely with the Samsung team to achieve what I feel is a marvel from both a software and hardware perspective.”
  • “In my opinion, this innovation makes hardware wallets like Trezor and Ledger nearly obsolete.”
  • “Once you get your hands on an S10 and install the Enjin Wallet, it will be an instant ‘why hasn’t anyone done this before?’. This is an incredible innovation for the crypto industry.”
  • “Unfortunately, it is currently only available in Korea, but will soon be opened in USA and Canada.”
  • “My 2nd favorite feature is actually not released yet but coming very soon. I’ll give you a hint: it involves Binance Chain! Extremely excited about this and this an exclusive bit of news just for this AMA.”
  • “We want to support everything that Binance Chain is doing. It’s an awesome step forward for the blockchain industry and will open up gateways of adoption like never before.”

EnjinX Blockchain Explorer

  • EnjinX was built to overcome the limitations we saw presented by the complexity and ad-focused nature of Etherscan and other blockchain explorers.”
  • “EnjinX is ultra-fast, extremely easy to use, and always ad-free. It’s pure and universal chain-ready, which creates an amazing user experience that propels mainstream adoption.”
  • “Next week, we will be releasing a huge update to EnjinX that will display and track all ERC-1155 assets—the gold standard for blockchain-based digital items.”
  • There is a custom Binance version of EnjinX.

Featured Image Courtesy of Enjin Pte Ltd