On Tuesday (April 16), Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange OKEx announced that it had decided not to delist Bitcoin SV (BSV) “for the time being.”

When it comes to Bitcoin SV, Monday (April 15) was one of the most news-packed days in cryptoland. Here are some of the main highlights:

  • Binance announced that it had decided to delist Bitcoin SV:
  • Kraken created a Twittter poll to find out what percentage of the crypto community wanted it to delist Bitcoin SV:
  • ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees said that his exchange had decided to show solidarity with Binance by also delisting Bitcoin SV:
  • Recently-founded BSV-based cryptocurrency exchange FloatSV, which was created in partnership with OKEx, announced that it was going to launch by April 19:
  • Bitcoin SV advocate Calvin Ayre comemnted on the timing of the launch of the FloatSV exchange:
  • Tyler Winklevoss, Co-Founder and CEO of the Gemini exchange reminded everyone that Gemini had never listed Bitcoin SV and that’s why it had nothing to announce regarding a possible delisting of Bitcoin SV:

And then around 04:45 UTC on April 16, we got the following tweets from OKEx to explain why it had decided not to delist Bitcoin SV (at least not for now):


Featured Image Courtesy of OKEx