Twitter User Donates Over €10,000 Worth of Bitcoin Cash in 48 Hours

Omar Faridi

An old Twitter account, @Bitcoininfo, has reportedly been giving away relatively large amounts of Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The Bitcoininfo handle was created in March 2011 and the owner of the account has been tipping BCH to various non-profit organizations and other random account holders on Twitter, to the point the equivalent of €10,000 have been given out.

Currently, Bitcoininfo has more than 107,000 followers and the account operator revealed on April 26, 2019 that it has given away at least the equivalent of $11,000 in Bitcoin Cash in the past 48 hours, by using a tipping bot called Tippr.

One of the account's last tips, of 0.2515 BCH, went to a charity known as EatBCH. The Bitcoininfo account also donated Bitcoin Cash to Twitter user, LibertyDoll, a libertarian who claimed that her PayPal had been suspended.

Tipping Bitcoin Cash To Well-Known Social Media Users

Bitcoininfo has tipped BCH to other well-known Twitter users that support the Bitcoin (BTC) fork - including “Flowee the Hub”, “Libre Office”, Openbazaar, “Bitcoin Unlimited”, “Bitcoin ABC,” among others.

Notably, some users have reported that the account will usually tip around $50 if people simply request a small donation. Interestingly, a Twitter user asked to get a $50 tip, and the Bitcoininfo account operator said no, as the user was instead given a $51 tip in BCH.

The Bitcoininfo account has also tipped BCH to prominent crypto pioneers including Gavin Andresen and Jeff Garzik. In addition to handing out tips of around $50-500 in Bitcoin Cash, the user behind the account has requested, on several occasions, that the recipients of the donations either “spend it, save it or pay it forward.” Some Bitcoin Cash supporters complied with Bitcoininfo’s request by giving away the BCH they received to other Twitter users.

Larger Amounts Went To Non-Profit Organizations

Bitcoininfo donated larger amounts ($500 in BCH or more) to non-profit entities including Coindance, the Bitcoin Cash Association, Pathways Canada, the Water Project, the Tor project, EatBCH, Ethiopia Aid, Gnome Foundation, and others.

Reacting to Bitcoininfo’s generous tipping activities, Reddit users on the r/btc subreddit began estimating how much, in total, the Twitter account had given away. At the time, the Redditors determined the figure would be over $6,600 in BCH.

Commenting on why he has been giving away a lot BCH, Bitcoininfo noted via Twitter:

It's believed an early bitcoin user is behind the account, as it was registered on the microblogging platform back in 2011.