Bitcoin Supporters Recommend Suspending Controversial Pro-BCH @Bitcoin Twitter Account

WhalePanda, a widely-followed Twitter account that belongs to a user who’s well-known for being a Bitcoin (BTC) maximalist, has suggested that the @Bitcoin Twitter handle should be suspended. Several other known BTC supporters seemingly believe the same, and have campaigned for it.

According to WhalePanda, the @Bitcoin account “was sold” which is reportedly against Twitter’s terms of service (ToS). The “Magical Crypto Friends” member believes that the user(s) managing the @Bitcoin handle are “actively involved with defrauding people.”

Jimmy Song, a prominent Bitcoin developer, recently conducted a survey via Twitter, in which he asked his followers what action the microblogging platform’s management should take against the owner of the account. Notably, 54% or the majority of those responding said the account should be suspended.

Let The Market Decide, Or Call For a Ban?

However, a significant 30% of users recommended that those in charge of the @Bitcoin handle and the account itself be “left alone.” Commenting on the matter, Larry Cermak, the Head Analyst at TheBlock, a cryptocurrency and blockchain-related news outlet, argued:

Today I learned (TIL) It’s unpopular to think that @Bitcoin shouldn’t be banned. I don’t give a f**k about Bitcoin Cash and support Bitcoin but it’s subjective, in my opinion (IMO), to argue that they are impersonating a brand. Why not just let the market decide instead of advocating for banning?

While well-known BTC supporters have been contacting Twitter's management to get the @Bitcoin account banned, the owner of the handle has been reaching out to ask about a supposed shadow ban that's limiting its reach. The account's owner has also accused Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey of "conspiring" with BTC supporters. Dorsey has also been accused by @Bitcoin of not communicating professionally and effectively to help resolve important issues related to their use of Twitter.

A tweet revealed by the account seems to show Dorsey answered a user's query on banning the @Bitcoin account by asking what the user recommended Twitter did with the account. As crypto enthusiasts know, the account is pro-Bitcoin Cash (BCH), a fork of the BTC network. The CEO of, Roger Ver, is a well-known BCH proponent who has been arguing it's the "real" version of Bitcoin, claiming it's more aligned with Satoshi Nakamoto's whitepaper.

If the circulating screenshot showing Dorsey's reply wasn't adulterated, it may represent a conflict of interest for the social media platform's CEO, as he has invested in the development of Bitcoin's layer-two scaling solution, the Lightning Network. Forked Last Year, To Launch Community-Maintained Bitcoin Site

In early August 2018, was forked to launch what’s considered among some members of the crypto industry to be a neutral and “community-maintained” Bitcoin website. Announcing the launch of, on August 4th 2018 via Twitter, David A. Harding, a BTC supporter, remarked:

“Launch announcement for , a community-maintained fork of Bitcoin(dot)org with advertisements removed and third-party trackers disabled. I've already had the pleasure making some small contributions.”

At the time of the announcement last year, the developers of had argued that the owners and maintainers of had intentionally taken “unilateral actions” - which might not have been in the best interests of the BTC community. The managers of were also accused of acting “without the consent” of the larger crypto community.