Binance CEO: Crypto Market Looking Bullish, With ‘Number of Transactions’ at ‘An All-Time High’

The Co-Founder and CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao (more commonly referred to by his nickname "CZ"), is feeling even more bullish on crypto than usual, saying in a recent interview that the number of user orders/transactions is currently at an all-time high (even higher than in January 2018). CZ also commented on other goings-on at last week's Deconomy 2019 conference in Seoul, South Korea.

CZ's comments came during an interview with Ran Neuner ("@cryptomanran" on Twitter), the host of CNBC Africa's "Crypto Trader" show, who started the interview by asking CZ if the latest Bitcoin bounce (which started on April 2) is "real". CZ replied:

"The fact that the price [of Bitcoin] can go up so quickly means that there were [sic] actually a lot of money waiting to buy Bitcoin, and they were really fearing missing out -- the FOMO mentality. So, the fact that the price can go up so quickly means all those [sic] money were ready, which basically means that people still have a lot of confidence in this industry. So, it's not like everyone's scared away."

Ran then asked CZ if Binance had seen an actual increase in the amount of USD (or rather, dollar-collateralized stablecoins) being deposited at Binance. The Binance CEO answered:

"We definitely do see more stablecoin deposits in the last few days for sure. And not only that: the number of transactions, [i.e.] the number of orders people are submitting, is at an all-time high. We are actually seeing more orders than January 2018... system load-wise, we are at an all-time high, and user registrations are [sic] jumped as well. So, all the indications are things are going up. Every indication we have... is going up right now."

He also explained that the exchange had seen "a little bit of warming up" even before the spike in the Bitcoin price:

"Even one or two months ago, the speed of [user] registrations was picking up. But the bigger growth, actually, was corresponding very tightly with the spike itself." 

CZ also talked about the improving mood that he had noticed in South Korea because of Bitcoin's recent price rally:

"Everyone I've met are [sic] very happy and very bullish; so, the mood is definitely different from maybe a couple of months ago in some of the conferences. But then again, Koreans are always pretty aggressive and pretty active in the crypto market."

Ran then asked CZ what he thought about Nouriel Roubini's debate with Vitalik Buterin at Deconomy 2019.

CZ replied:

"I was in the front now in the audience when that happened. I personally don't understand why Nouriel would spend a few days of his life just to attend a conference in an industry that he doesn't approve of. So, I don't know why the guy wastes his time if he thinks that crypto is not worth it. So, I think... he is contradicting himself heavily... I personally never agreed with him. I fully agree with what Vitalik said... To be honest, it's a little bit entertaining, but at the same time, I personally think that the debate is a waste of time. It's a total waste of Vitalik's time."

One other interesting tidbit that came out of this conversation was CZ confirmed once again that Binance DEX would be launching this month.