Bitcoin (BTC) has officially ended the month of February with a “green candle” – meaning that its price is higher at the end of the month than at the beginning – for the first time in six months. February thus ended the longest ever streak of monthly price declines in the  crypto’s history.


CryptoGlobe recently reported on this record-setting losing streak, which ticked over into Bitcoin’s “longest bear market in history.” The bubble-pop coming at the end of 2017 has seen the overall crypto market capitalization drop from more than $800 billion to as low as $101 billion, according to


On the Bitcoin chart, there has never been a consecutive run of six monthly losses. A run of five came during 2011, and even during the vicious bear market of 2014-15, only four consecutive months of losses went on the chart (see above).

The relentless losses have crippled the industry and community during 2018, and CryptoGlobe has reported on many layoffs during the year – even among big players like Bitmain, Consensys, and Shapeshift. Some outfits, such as Etcdev, have simply closed shop, unable to survive.

The Oncoming Train at the End of the Tunnel

There are many predictions and analyses anticipating the end of downward price action, and the final relief and end of the industry’s contraction.

Delphi Digital – which recently absorbed competing research outfit 51percent Crypto and added Anthony Pompliano to their ranks – have been publicizing their historical UTXO analysis, which predicts that price falls should be ending any minute now, or at any rate before the first half of 2019 closes.

Plenty of other notable figures are also urging resilience, with an eye to the long game on Bitcoin and cryptoassets. But some think the recent rallies are temporary all the same, and that lows must be retested.