The developers of Waves (WAVES), a leading blockchain-based smart contract-enabled platform for building and deploying decentralized applications (dApps), have revealed the recipient of their 100,000 WAVES (appr. $280,000 at current market prices) grant.

According to Waves’ development team, the grant money will be awarded to TradiSys, an “established contributor” to the Waves community in the “gaming field.” Notably, Waves and the developers of other major dApp creation networks, such as Tron (TRX), have recognized the huge potential of the online gaming industry.

Blockchain Technology Will Help Expand $100 Billion Online Gaming Sector

In fact, Waves’ management has estimated that the internet-based $100 billion gaming sector will further expand with the growth and adoption of blockchain technology. In October 2018, Waves’ team introduced their own gaming initiative – which involved awarding 1 million WAVES (appr. $2.8 million) in total to developers who start building gaming-related dApps on the Waves platform.

As mentioned in Waves’ official Medium blog post, Tradisys is notably “the recipient of the first grant under [Waves’ community’s] gaming project.” According to Waves’ team, Tradisys has been a “long-term and devoted contributor” to the Waves ecosystem. It has reportedly helped in building “several groundbreaking” games on the Waves blockchain network. There are also many other gaming projects being developed by Tradisys, Waves’ blog noted.

TradiSys Founded In November 2017, Builders Of The First Game On Waves Network

At a time when cryptocurrency prices were reaching their all-time highs, the TradiSys project was officially launched (in November 2017). During the summer of 2018, the developers at TradiSys reportedly started working on the Waves platform.

In September 2018, Tradisys’ team launched TicTacToe, the first game built on the Waves network. Notably, TicTacToe has been created using RIDE, which is Waves’ newly launched smart contract-based programming language.

TradiSys’ Centaur Oracle & “Dice Roller”

In October 2018, Tradisys’ Centaur Oracle (a blockchain-based random number generator used to randomly select contest winners, among other use cases) was used to randomly select the winner of a Ledger Nano S, a widely-used cryptocurrency hardware wallet. The Centaur Oracle has also been “actively used” by Waves’ team and community for picking winners of several recently held raffles and contests.

Some other important initiatives the TradiSys team has been involved in include developing “Dice Roller” – which combines key elements of innovative design techniques, UX (user experience), and also harnesses the “transparency in the blockchain space” to create futuristic gaming and betting applications.