FastMail, a Gmail competitor focusing on speed and efficiency, has recently warned its users that it’s going to stop accepting cryptocurrency payments at the end of March, as the costs it was enduring to accept bitcoin and bitcoin cash payments became “unsustainable.”

According to a Reddit thread created by a user who received FastMail’s notice, the company has noted that only a small number of its users were paying for the service with cryptocurrencies. The notice reads:

Bitcoin is used by only a small number of customers, which unfortunately makes the integration costs of maintaining Bitcoin support unsustainable. You can still pay with Bitcoin through March 31, 2019. Add funds to your account now to be used for future renewals.

Going forward, the email service provider is going to accept traditional payment methods only, include Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and American Express. Reacting to the news some users noted there are other options accepting cryptocurrency payments out there, while others lamented the development.

Back in 2016, FastMail made headlines after it quietly started accepting cryptocurrency payments. The company started accepting them through cryptocurrency payment provider BitPay, which some are blaming for the recent development, over the costs FastMail claims to have.

While FastMail is set to stop accepting cryptocurrency payments, crypto adoption has seemingly been growing. Earlier this year, a giant Danish online food portal started accepting BTC payments, as well as premium airline Surfair for a fundraising campaign.