Australia: Police Raid Cryptocurrency Miner's Home Seeking Weed Grow-Op

Police in Australia have recently raided the home of a cryptocurrency miner, after believes he was growing weed in it. Acting on information from the public, authorities appear to have damaged the house, and according to the trader haven’t clarified who’s paying for it.

According to local media the cryptocurrency miner, Rob Butvila, is now considering legal action as the police forced their way into his home causing damages, only to find a small cryptocurrency mining operation.

In a filmed reaction shared on social media, Butvila shows that the police left a warning revealing they raided the house, and claimed police refused to discuss the damages, and who was going to pay for them.

Per Butvila, he found his property was unlocked when he arrived there, with “gates, doors, and fence panels removed and broken.” In the video, it’s possible to see some of the damage caused.

SAPOL used brutal and destructive force, kicking in doors … to find cryptocurrency mining computers where they expected to find a marijuana grow room.

The cryptocurrency miner further claims police hung up on him when he asked them about the damage to his property, and who was going to pay for it. He noted he spoke to an officer who claimed the home was damaged but “just as secure” as when they founded it.

According to Butvila, authorities became suspicious of his house after noticing it had security cameras, solar panels, and a ventilation fan installed. He claimed, however, it “looks the same as many others in the neighborhood.”

The miner added the fan was there to cool down the cryptocurrency mining machines, and that the damage could amount to “at least AUD $1,000. ($710).” Speaking to local media a police spokeswoman stated

For operational reasons, police do not give prior notice of the intention to execute search warrants. Police always try to minimise any damage caused during operations