Twitch Gamer Gifted Over $70k Worth of Bitcoin During Livestream

Colin Muller

A video game streamer was gifted over $70,000 worth of bitcoin yesterday, while he played the game RuneScape on the video streaming service Twitch in front of an audience of about two thousand. The several separate donations came as a shock to Sick_Nerd, the player’s gaming handle.


Several viewers recorded the stream and Sick_Nerd’s reactions, who had a hard time believing he was not the subject of a prank. He wrote yesterday on Twitter:

Thank you to my mysteriously benefactor [sic] whoever you are, genuinely a life changing amount of money that I or nobody deserves [sic] but look what happened. Crazy


The bitcoin was donated by a user going by the handle of “lightpuma."


RuneScape, developed by Jagex, is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG), recognized by the Guiness Book of World Records in 2017 as having the most users in any Massively Multiplayer Online video game - more than 250 million.

The particular version of the game being played by Sick_Nerd appears to be so-called “Old School Runescape.”

Twitch Accepts Crypto

Twitch began offering a crypto donation option, in addition to Paypal, in mid 2018 through another company called Streamlabs. They then launched support for all the usual suspects: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash. Streamlabs is compatible with Twitch, as well as other streaming platforms such as YouTube, and offers a full suite of software to help streamers manage their livefeeds, content, and donations.

Some gamers make big money livestreaming their play, with one of the biggest streamers claiming to take in $20,000 a month from a combination of donations, advertisements, and subscriptions on Twitch and YouTube. According to, 560 billion minutes worth of Twitch was watched during 2018, all the way from 292 billion in 2016.

UK's Biggest Travel Company Starts Accepting Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash Payments

Corporate Traveller, the United Kingdom’s biggest travel company, has recently started accepting bitcoin (BTC) and bitcoin cash (BCH) payments, in a move that could be followed by the Flight Centre Group, one of the world’s biggest travel firms, embracing crypto payments.

According to Australian news outlet Micky, Corporate Traveller’s move to accept both bitcoin and bitcoin cash was announced yesterday, and came due to increasing demand from its clients. The firm, with 20 locations across the UK, is the country’s largest business travel services provider.

Speaking to the news outlet, Corporate Traveller’s UK general manager Andy Hegley stated:

We identified an increasing demand from our clients for the option to pay in Bitcoin for business travel bookings made by our travel consultants.

The company is accepting cryptocurrency payments through a partnership with BitPay, which processes them for it and converts the funds to GBP it then receives within two business days. According to Hegley, BitPay was chosen as it manages the entire process, so Corporate Traveller only handles GBP.

He added the blockchain industry is “growing exponentially” and, as such, the company is “excited to be able to” gives its clients bitcoin and bitcoin cash payment options. Per Micky, the UK firm's move could be part of increasing cryptocurrency adoption, with Flight Centre looking to accept BTC and BCH as well.

An unnamed source reportedly told the news outlet the company’s executives are taking note of “increasing demand from clients for cryptocurrency payments,” and as such is “exploring options to accept bitcoin at its 1,239” retail travel agencies throughout the world.

An employee at an Australian Flight Centre travel was quoted as saying:

All the time people ask if we accept Bitcoin… Mainly international students and tourist already here trying to book more flights.

The travel agency employee reportedly added the company’s management is aware of the demand, and will “probably see how it goes at corporate Traveller, before they let customers pay with bitcoin.”

The tourism sector is notably leading in cryptocurrency adoption. Travala, a blockchain-based bookings website, recently $2.6 million through an initial coin offering (ICO) last year, and currently has bookings at over 500,000 hotels throughout the world.

In an exclusive interview with CryptoGlobe Jeff Klee, the CEO of travel booking firm CheapAir, revealed that accepting bitcoin was one of the “best decisions” he’s ever made.