Recently leaked images of Samsung’s upcoming flagship smartphone model, the Galaxy S10, appear to show the device will come with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet called the Samsung Blockchain KeyStore app.

In the leak, the app directly names Ethereum and claims it’s a “secure and convenient place for your cryptocurrency.” Users will be able to import their wallets and use biometric authentication for security.

Earlier leaks appeared to show Samsung’s cryptocurrency wallet will allow for both hot and cold storage on the same device, although in December of last year the tech giant denied rumors that claimed t was launching a cold storage crypto wallet for the Galaxy S10.

As covered, however, Samsung has back in July of last year made it clear it has been paying attention to the cryptocurrency space, as it noted through a blog post that smartphones are the safest devices to store cryptocurrency.

The Galaxy S10 is set to be revealed during Samsung’s Unpacked event on February 20, where the company is also set to show off a functional version of its new foldable smartphone. Notably, the S10 wouldn’t be the first phone with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.

SIRIN Labs’ FINNEY was launched back in November, and was the world’s first “blockchain phone” as it included an embedded fully separate cold storage wallet, and a built-in decentralized application center (dCENTER).

The HTC Exodus 1 is also now available for purchase with cryptocurrency only. It’s a blockchain-encrypted phone that offers easy access to security-based decentralized applications (dApps).

Other companies moving into the crypto space include Opera, which is behind a popular Android browser that now includes a built-in cryptocurrency wallet.