Cudo Mining Software Lets Users Mine According to Profitability

At a time when various cryptocurrency miners have to leave the industry because of the year-long bear market, a new mining software called Cudo Miner is is changing the game with highly efficient software to optimise hashrate and profitability.

What makes Cudo unique is the fact their products are designed for advanced command line users as well as novice GUI miners alike. The software can be installed on your laptop to make use of spare power, whilst also being used by miners with large GPU rigs.

Cudo Miner is the first mining software that allows users to apply per-algorithm optimisations and GPU overclocking from the same application. Usually, miners would have to use command line scripts to optimise their performance based on the cryptoasset they're mining plus something like MSI afterburner - GPU software - to overclock their GPUs memory, core count, power etc.

According to Cudo Miner’s website, miners using the software will always mine the cryptocurrency most profitable for them, by monitoring the relative mining difficulty and market price in real-time choosing between 9 cryptocurrencies with 5 different mining algorithms.

Cudo Miner continuously scans the coin value and difficulty, automatically switching your mining efforts to provide the highest profitability at any given time.

The recently released built-in GPU overclocking feature allows users to tweak their GPU clock and memory from the software and choose the optimal configuration for your hardware.

This means that the software is continuously mining the most profitable coin without losing performance as your GPUs will be set to the optimal configurations


Mining While Performing Other Tasks

Interestingly, Cudo Miner allows users to control their GPU and CPU to mine cryptocurrencies concurrently, while also allowing them to control just how much of their GPU/CPU resources they use to mine, so they can keep on doing other tasks if they don’t have a dedicated mining rig.

Helping give miners even more control, if the software is installed on a laptop it allows them to automatically suspend mining if the machine isn’t plugged to a power outlet, or schedule when to mine to take advantage of times in which the laptop isn’t being used.

Miners who use the platform can notably choose to be paid out in either Bitcoin or Ethereum so they won’t have to deal with dust after mining various altcoins if the algorithm sees it’ll be profitable to keep on switching:

Cudo Miner was born out of frustration and desire to simplify and make crypto mining more profitable for all. We collaborate closely with our community to help evolve the software and to ensure it is the most competitive crypto mining software available.

While the software is free to download, the team behind it takes a 5% commission off of miners’ earnings to cover operational and development costs. While a 5% fee is above that of most mining pools, Cudo believes its advanced software and hassle-free setup will more than make up for the higher fee in what it returns. In fact Cudo says they have the most efficient software on the market.


Future Plans

Cudo Miner’s Beta launch was made ten weeks ago and since then it has already garnered over 10,000 users. Its founders, Matt Hawkins and Duncan Cook, have revealed in the future they plan on making it even easier for miners to configure their machines.

Before launching Cudo Miner, the team had numerous projects. These include a disaster warning app for the American Red Cross, and what was once one of the fastest growing UK datacenter and internet services companies before being sold.

In next year’s roadmap, Cudo Ventures told CryptoGlobe, Cudo Miner is set to enable a distributing computing feature, which will allow users to rent their computing power to clients, essentially allowing them to rent a “supercomputer.” This feature is set to launch in the first quarter of 2019. Unlike other distributed computing projects such as Golem and iExec Cudo are attracting a large user base offering mining services first.

The team also plans on going mobile, allowing users to earn and monitor their performance while on the go. Users who sign up via CryptoGlobe’s referral link will received a 10,000 satoshi bonus.

How One Cryptocurrency Mining Software Application Is Streamlining Revenue for Esports Cafes Across Asia

Esport cafés have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, becoming a top destination for many enthusiastic gamers and keen internet explorers throughout Asian cities.

The dingy internet cafes of the past have long been replaced with shiny new, high-tech 24-hour establishments that cater to a gamer’s every need. Want to eat? Want to drink? Want to try out the latest games on a powerful computing system for the low price of $2 per hour? These businesses are plugging a major gap in the gaming market that’s been created by the high price of CPUs and GPUs.

As Asia’s esport scene continues to grow, these esport cafes have reaped the benefits of the increased exposure and heightened demand. Despite the booming nature of the industry, however, these companies still experience the same lunchtime lulls and 2am crashes that all 24-hour businesses are familiar with.

In response to this, Cudo Miner, the cryptocurrency mining software application, has expanded into the esport café industry to supply a constant revenue stream for these cafes, even during their quietest periods.  

Now working with one of Malaysia’s largest gaming café franchises, Cudo Miner allows café owner to mine cryptocurrency using their existing computers’ processing power when the systems are idle, going to sleep when the machines are in use. By working with Cudo Miner to mine cryptocurrency, the Malaysian franchise has increased its profits without any further investment.

Jun, the Malaysian franchise owner, said:

The last thing we wanted during peak times was our systems slowing down and anything getting in the way of our customers enjoying their time with us. Cudo Miner couldn’t have worked better. It’s given us a very welcome stream of extra income, takes very little maintenance, and just quietly gets on with its work, without getting in the way.

The key based device authentication is now available to other cyber cafes too, as Cudo Miner continues to evolve and explore new markets. For top end gaming systems, estimate financial returns are as much as $30-40 per month per PC, and even lower spec gaming systems can expect to bring in $11-15 per month. All of this being extra revenue from existing resources, that can be set up and left, with no extra time or financial investment required – a win-win for esport café franchises.

Matt Hawkins, CEO if Cudo Ventures said: “When Jun approached us to say that our mining software beat the competition, we were excited to receive that validation. Esports is a million-dollar industry with millions of fans worldwide and gaming cafes are being set up all over the world. It’s an exciting and flourishing industry, but an expensive business to be in, with hardware and real estate costs.

An unused terminal costs. Mining on computers that are not in use is a great way to help increase revenue and it’s great to see our software delivering this.”