Criminals have recently broken into a bakery in California to snatch a cryptocurrency ATM from its walls, in a move that was caught by the establishment’s security cameras. The bakery, in Brentwood Village, Los Angeles, has been broken into three times in the last few months.

According to CBS Los Angeles, the Belwood Bakery has recently seen a string of robbery attempts culminate in criminals being able to snatch a cryptocurrency ATM from the establishment, after attempting to crack it open during the break-in. Whether the ATM had money in it is unclear.

CBS Los Angeles revealed images captured by the bakery’s security cameras, that show a masked criminal break through the businesses’ glass door using a sledgehammer, to then turn to the cryptocurrency ATM, which was located above a regular ATM.

After hitting it with the sledgehammer and seeing it torn off the wall, the assailant attempted to crack the machine open by hitting it with the hammer a number of times. Once he realized the machine wasn’t budging, he picked it up and left the bakery with it.

Per CBS news, this was the third break-in the bakery has seen in recent months. The news outlet detailed that on December 21 two hooded criminals went through its glass door to enter the bakery, after another group did the same thing on November 18.

The bakery, which has been in operation since 1994, revealed that it’s hard to stay afloat after successive break-ins, and that it has adopted a buddy system when it opens and closes to make sure everything is in order and nothing is missing from the store.

The bakery’s owner, David-Paul Tran, revealed he isn’t happy with the ATM machine in the bakery, although the company that owns is it leasing space in his store.

I so concerned about the ATM machine, I tell them take it off. Don’t need to put any money inside the store.

He noted the bakery is a family business that fled Vietnam as refugees. Last year, as covered, two men in Dallas,Texas used bear spray to steal from bitcoin ATMs.