On Thursday (3 January 2019), Bitcoin's 10th birthday, Brian Armstrong, Co-Founder and CEO of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, took to Twitter to explain how he got into Bitcoin (BTC), how Coinbase was born, and why he still believes in its enormous potential.

Armstrong is not too popular with some members of the crypto community due to his support for Roger Ver and Bitcoin Cash (BCH); these people see Armstrong as an enemy rather than a friend of Bitcoin.

So, perhaps, it makes sense that Armstrong decided to use this occasion to address the community and explain that despite what some people think, although he does not talk about Bitcoin that often, he still has much love and respect for it. 

Armstrong started his tweetstorm with this tweet:

He then started to explain how he got into Bitcoin and why he found it so exciting:

Next, he talked about how he got the initial funding for his Bitcoin wallet project and how he came up with the name “Coinbase”:

Armstrong then moved to expressing his admiration and love for Bitcoin:

And finally, the Coinbase CEO concluded his tweetstorm with this congratulatory message for Bitcoin:

Generally, Armstrong’s tweetstorm has been quite well-received by the crypto community, with over 2,300 likes so far for the originating tweet.

Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pexels.com