Hamas, an organization designated as a terrorist group in the United States and Europe that control the Gaza Strip, has recently asked its supporters for donations in bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency, through a post on social media.

According to Bloomberg Abu Obeida, a spokesperson for the armed wing of the militant organization, posted on Instagram that:

The Zionist enemy fights the Palestinian resistance by trying to cut aid to the resistance by all means, but lovers of resistance around the world fight these Zionist attempts and seek all possible means to aid the resistance.

He added that those who support Hamas can do so “through the Bitcoin currency,” adding that he would announce the exact way to do so at a later date. The group’s goal, according to reports, is to use the flagship cryptocurrency to deal with its financial isolation.

The group is said to have ‘violently’ taken the Gaza Strip from its rival Fatah group, and has faced financial woes in the last few years as banks throughout the world have attempted to distance themselves from the organization.

The statement Hamas’ representative published blames Israel for its current financial situation, as it claims the country has been looking to cut its access to funding. Per Israel National News, Iran is a known Hamas supporter that has recently funded homes for the militant group in Gaza.

The country has been looking into cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies itself, as last year it was reported it’s been considering a rial-supported national cryptocurrency, as sanctions against it keep growing. Banks in Iran have been banned from using the SWIFT network, and the government reportedly sees cryptos as a way to bypass the financial blockade.