On Saturday (January 19th), Jack Mallers, the creator of the open source Lightning Network (LN) wallet Zap, demonstrated at a meetup in a Chicago bar (Hubbard Inn) the new Zap Point of Sale (POS) system, which consists of the Zap POS application, Bitcoin Core, Lightning Network Daemon (LND), BTCPay Server, and some custom hardware.

Jack gave his Zap POS demo at an event organized by the Meetup group “Bitcoin & Open Blockchain Community – Chicago”.

He did so in two ways:

  • allowing the attendees to pay for their drinks with bitcoin both on-chain and over the Lightning Network; and
  • creating a website (http://www.buyabeerwithlightning.com/) that allowed people from all over the world to buy, via the Lightning Network, beer and three other types of drinks for Jack and the other attendees.

Buy a Beer Screenshot.png

Here is Jack explaining on Twitter the motivation for creating the “Buy a Beer With Lightning” website:

Naturally, the Lightning Network community loved this idea. Here are a couple of reactions:

And, of course, the event’s attendees, were loving Jack’s Zap POS demo:


Featured Image Credit: Photo via Pexels.com