ChainDD, a leading fintech media company, has recently launched a cryptocurrency wallet app that’s focused on giving its users market insights to help “people make better-informed financial decisions” in the space.

According to a press release shared with CryptoGlobe, ChainDD’s new wallet, DD Wallet, is already available on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store. It provides its users reliable news as well as real-time market insights on the blockchain industry.

The wallet allows users to store ERC-20 compliant tokens as well bitcoin, the flagship cryptocurrency. It has built-in market news and insights as well as in-depth industry analysis, real-time market information on over 2,000 trading pairs, and more.

ChainDD also added its own cryptocurrency index to give its users an overall overview of the market. The release explains it’s an “in-house developed ChainDD Cryptocurrency Index (DDCI) that shows overall market conditions and a macro outlook.”

Celebrating the new release, the firm has announced it’ll awarded 4 ETH to two of its users who submit feedback on the DD Wallet. The document reads:

ChainDD is dedicated to bringing the best products to its users and announced today that it will award 4 ETH to two lucky winners who submit feedback on DD Wallet. lease send feedback in bullet points to [email protected] with DD Wallet ETH address, name, and email address. Only legitimate responses are counted

Per the press release, ChainDD is a leading blockchain news source in China, and its news app is the most downloaded one focusing on the cryptocurrency ecosystem in the country, having over 2 million registered users. The firm spun off from TMTPost Group, a leading tech media in China with over 150 million readers, and currently delivers an average of 100 articles per day.