Reddit’s /r/Bitcoin community, dedicated to the “currency of the Internet,” officially reached one million subscribers as of December 2, according to a subreddit post and a tweet from moderator BashCo.

Adamant Capital founder Tuur Demeester took to Twitter to congratulate users on the achievement, and wrote how he remembered when the community was just made up of a couple thousand subscribers.

A Popular Hub For Discussion And Debate

The subreddit has long been a well-known hub for people to talk about bitcoin and share information about the cryptocurrency. Most of the top all-time posts concern both eclipsing and falling back from major price thresholds. At press time, the top post is a celebration of when the cryptocurrency surpassed $10,000 last year.

Other all-time popular posts have to do with people who sold or refused bitcoin when it was a far cry from today’s prices. One popular post, with more than 22,000 upvotes, is a screenshot of a tweet from May 2011 where a user laments about how he wished he did not sell his 1,700 bitcoin for $0.30 each since they were selling for $8.00.

Another details a story written about musician Lily Allen who turned down 200k in bitcoin as payment for a gig in 2009. Posts on the subreddit touching on serious topics have also attracted a lot of attention, specifically ones touching on bitcoin scams and general investing advice.

One post, with nearly 14,000 upvotes, is a plea by one user to not “invest recklessly” and to keep away from “being blinded by dreams of getting rich quickly” with a speculative investment like bitcoin.

Reddit’s Thriving Cryptocurrency Community

Reddit’s massive popularity has facilitated the rise of many cryptocurrency-related subreddits with focused communities across different areas. Aside from /r/Bitcoin, subreddits dedicated to Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, and Dogecoin are all active communities.

The /r/btc subreddit, with about 231,00 subscribers, gained popularity among those who felt moderators on /r/bitcoin “were heavily censoring discussions that were not inline with their own opinions.”