Razer Launches Crypto Mining Program That’s Set to Reward Gamers With Discounts

Gaming hardware manufacturer Razer has recently launched a cryptocurrency mining program that’s set to see gamers use their idle machines to mine, so they can be rewarded with a credit called Razer Silver, which will give them discounts on products.

According to Motherboard, gamers will be able to install a program called SoftMiner which uses their computers’ resources to mine crypto when they aren’t doing intensive tasks – like playing. The move comes after Razer partnered with gaming-centric platform GammaNow to reward users.

The news outlet’s report clarifies Razer won’t be keeping any of the cryptos mined, but will receive a fee for getting its clients to mine for them, paid for by GammaNow, the one that’ll manage which cryptos the gamers mine. These will reportedly be ether and other tokens.

Kevin Allen, a Razer spokesperson, was quoted as saying:

The cryptocurrency that’s being mined through this program is not touching Razer’s hands nor the user’s hands. We get a fee from the third party for generating cryptocurrency.

Essentially, GammaNow is getting the cryptocurrencies gamers mine and will be rewarding them with Razer Silver credits, while paying Razer itself a fee for getting gamers to mine. Rewards earned through the SoftMiner program will depend on gamers’ machines, and Silver credits can also be earned through Razer Cortex, a performance-boosting app.

Notably, analysts have pointed out this is a bad deal for gamers, as they could be getting more by directly mining the cryptocurrencies themselves. This, as according to ZDNet the value of each Razer Silver credit is of $0.003, valid for only one year.

Some of the rewards Razer offers, like a $199.99 keyboard, are theoretically impossible to earn, the news outlet reports, as the firm itself notes gamers could earn, on average, up to 500 credits every 24 hours. Factoring in electricity costs and wear and tear, various gamers have used social media to express they believe the program won’t be helpful.

Hash Wars: Mining Operation OrcaPool Launches to Defend Altcoins and Forks From ‘Attackers’

A new mining operation dubbed “OrcaPool” has recently been launched, with the goal of defending altcoins and forked coins from attackers who may attempt to pull 51% attacks on them. Specifically, the pool appears to be a response to SharkPool.

At the time of Bitcoin Cash’s hard fork last year, a new cryptocurrency mining pool, SharkPool, was launched. The pool, founded by Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision (BSV) supporter Ari Kuqi, threatened to annihilate “alts who dare bearing the Bitcoin name,” and specifically named Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond, and Bitcoin Private.

SharkPool’s plan to annihilate cryptocurrencies is to dominate their hashrate to then start mining empty blocks on their chains. This stops transactions from going through, which over a long period of time creates a significant transaction backlog, making their network useless. The second part sees it sell the rewards it gets from those blocks for BSV, pushing its price up and putting selling pressure on the attacked crypto.

So far, SharkPool has seemingly attacked BCH’s testnet forcing it to add additional security resources, and Bitcoin Private’s (BTCP) mainnet, forcing cryptocurrency exchanges to require 1,500 network confirmations on transactions.

Speaking to CryptoGlobe, Kuqi revealed that behind SharkPool’s ideology is Nakamoto Consensus. Per his words, nothing the pool does is “illegal,” as it “obeys all laws and regulations.” He added “miners execute their executive power by voting with their hash, building on a block or orphaning it.”

At the time Kuqi, the founder of Cashpay Solutions, also noted it doesn’t matter whether Craig Wright is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto, as SharkPool “fights for sound and stable money.” The pool has over the past few months been recruiting miners.

Now OrcaPool, on Twitter, has revealed its goal is to counter SharkPool’s activities, and that it’s also recruiting miners to join its resources. Its website explains the Orca was chosen as it’s a natural predator of the shark.

The new pool is reportedly going to sell the rewards of blocks it mines for bitcoin. So far, the war between the two pools has seemingly only been occurring on social media. SharkPool, reacting to the competitor, stated:

As onlookers piled on, OrcaPool pushed back: