HBUS Calls Out Coinbase In First-Ever Billboard Campaign By A U.S. Exchange

Kevin O'Brien
  • HBUS, a partner of the popular Huobi exchange, has launched a billboard campaign mocking Coinbase.
  • The company said the campaign was designed to target some of the basics of advertising while promoting its brand.

HBUS, the U.S. partner of the Singapore-based Huobi cryptocurrency exchange, has become the first crypto exchange in the United States to launch a billboard campaign.

CEO Frank Fu noted in a November 29 Medium post how the “Evolved Crypto Trading” billboard campaign kicked off with the unveiling of a billboard in downtown San Francisco just a few blocks from the headquarters of Coinbase. The billboard pokes fun at both Coinbase and Wall Street by suggesting they are less evolved than HBUS.

Turning Away From Online Gimmicks

Fu wrote in the post how HBUS wanted to turn away from some of the gimmicks seen in the industry and “get back to some of the basis of advertising” with the campaign.


According to a press release, HBUS Head of Communications Kevin Leu wanted the campaign to demonstrate that “there’s a true digital asset revolution…that gives people more options to access the ever-expanding ecosystem of digital currencies…”

Fu also pointed out HBUS has seen rapid growth since its launch in July and will be looking for larger office space in the coming year to hold a growing staff roster. As part of the campaign, Fu noted HBUS had slashed their trading fees to zero for the rest of year in an effort to “give crypto traders a break when it comes to the high fees they regularly have to pay when trading on other exchanges.”

Crypto-Related Billboards Starting To Emerge

There have been a few instances of industrious people in the United States using billboards to spread messages related to cryptocurrencies.

One Reddit user in the fall posted about a billboard spotted in Atlanta that was advertising different bitcoin ATMs in the city, with the moniker of “Get Bitcoin Or Die Tryin.”  

In mid-May, a crypto-related billboard made an appearance right outside of Warren Buffett’s office, suggesting the billionaire was “wrong about Bitcoin” since he was “wrong about Google and Amazon.”  

Earlier in May, Buffett commented that bitcoin “is creating nothing” and that it is most likely “rat poison squared.” The legendary investor is a well-known bitcoin bear who has claimed the cryptocurrency market will come to a "bad ending." Interestingly, some media outlets have suggested that bitcoin’s price tumble in recent memory seemingly made Buffett’s predictions right all along.

Image Credit: HBUS