The strong Ether (ETH) price rally, which started on December 15th, when ETH was trading around $83, continues. Here is the two-week chart for ETH/USD:

ETH - Two Week - 23 Dec 2018.png

At 15:00 (UTC) on December 15h, ETH was trading at $82.28. Since then, the price has gone up almost 60%, which shows that more and more traders may be realizing how oversold Ether was.

On Saturday (December 22th), at 07:00 (UTC), ETH was trading at $108.81. Less than 24 hours later, at 03:45 (UTC) on Sunday (23 December 2018), ETH had broken through the $130 resistance level to reach $130.74, having surged 20% in the past 24-hour period. Here is the 24-hour chart for ETH/USD:

ETH - One Day - 23 Dec 2018.png


According to data from CryptoCompare, in the past 24-hour period, Ether is the highest gainer among the top 50 cryptocurrencies (by market cap). If this strong performance over the past week continues, Ether has a good chance of overtaking XRP before the end of this year to become once again the second most valuable cryptocurrency.

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