Developer Creates iOS App to Send XRP with Simple Voice Commands

Omar Faridi
  • An iOS compatible app has been launched which lets user send XRP with voice commands.
  • The app allows users to locate the XRPTIpBot and then send XRP with simple voice commands.

xRpTo_O, an independent developer, has reportedly created a program for iOS that allows users to conduct XRP transactions with voice commands.

Simple Voice Commands To Conduct XRP Transactions

By issuing simple voice commands with Siri, the voice assistant present on iOS devices, users are able to find all exchanges for specific trading pairs. The app also supports shortcut commands and other features to make it intuitive and easy-to-use.

A video showing a user communicating with Siri through voice commands has been uploaded. The app, which can be downloaded from ICloud, works by first helping users locate an XRPTipBot user, scanning a QR code or checking contacts, specifying an XRP amount they’d like to send, and then finally confirming or cancelling the tip amount. As mentioned, all this can be done by issuing simple voice commands.

Ripple, Apple Not Involved In App's Development 

Although the demo in the video only shows a user sending XRP tips, the developer has said he’s been working to add more features and functionality to the app. As explained by xRpTo_O in his tweets, the app basically works by establishing a connection between Siri, the standard voice assistant for all Apple devices, and the XRP TipBot. After connecting the two, all other commands to send XRP are processed with voice.

At this stage of the app’s development, neither Ripple Labs, the company that helped develop the XRP token, nor Apple Inc. are directly involved or working with the developer.

Over 80% Of Wirex Survey Respondents Prefer XRP

As CryptoGlobe reported, the demand for XRP appears to be increasing, especially when compared to the current demand for other major digital currencies. In mid-October, Wirex, a commission-free platform for buying, selling, and storing crypto and fiat money with over 1.8 million users, had conducted a survey via Twitter that asked its followers which crypto: bitcoin (BTC), litecoin (LTC), ether (ETH), or XRP they preferred.

Over 80% said they preferred to pay for daily transactions using XRP, whereas, only 10% wanted to pay with BTC. Notably, the cryptocurrency's community is well-known for its presence on social media, which could mean the survey's results could've been influenced.

Dogecoin developer Jackson Palmer has gone as far as developing a custom script to block XRP fans on microblogging platform Twitter.