In our Crypto Africa Roundup, YouHash take a look at some recent developments on the fast-growing crypto continent.

Bittrex Both Backs and Provides Platform for South African Trading Platform, VALR

Well known South African cryptocurrency expert and former blockchain lead at Rand Merchant Bank, Farzam Ehsani, has recently announced details of VALR, a digital asset trading platform partnered and invested in by Bittrex.

In addition, VALR has secured funding from Michael Jordaan, a former First National Bank CEO and high profile venture capitalist.

Through its partnership with Bittrex, the premier US-based blockchain platform, VALR is able to support over 50 cryptocurrencies – the largest crypto-offering on the continent.

Notably, VALR has introduced a ‘maker reward’ whereby people who effectively build the marketplace and in so doing provide liquidity, are rewarded by being paid 0.1% of the trade.  ‘Takers’ pay 0.75%.

Africa Steaming Ahead with Blockchain and Crypto Conferences in 2019

On the continent that potentially stands to gain the most from blockchain technology and digital currencies, it is hardly surprising that there are a number of significant conferences already confirmed for 2019.

 image001 (1).png

The above list is maintained by, a trusted African information portal, and contains the major conferences scheduled on the African continent.

On The Edge, Blox for Business

Former Head of South African Operations for ConsenSys, and a 20 year veteran of financial markets, Ian Bessarabia, has founded On the Edge, Blox for Business in order to consult to financial players, central banks and regional bodies to improve business processes through the adoption of blockchain and smart contract solutions.  In addition, they intend assisting start-ups and early-stage initiatives either on a partnership basis or as social good mentors.

Ian was previously a senior executive at Thomson Reuters, and BDM at SWIFT.  He holds a B.Com from the University of South Africa and has been involved in community projects.  In addition, Ian is a sought after international blockchain and crypto speaker who has spoken at conferences around the world.

Just launched and with a unique skill set, On the Edge, Blox for Business have already had numerous approaches from businesses and individuals across Sub-Saharan Africa.