Breaking Story: Bitcoin Scammers Email Bomb Threats, Causing Evacuations Across The U.S.

Kevin O'Brien

Numerous evacuations have taken place across the United States on December 13th after scammers sent bomb threat emails demanding bitcoin payment to a number of businesses, companies, schools, and other entities, according to reports.

No Evidence of Explosives Yet

As of press time, authorities indicated there is not any evidence so far of any explosives detonating or actually being placed. However, police are asking people to remain vigilant as they work through the threats.

It is not yet clear how far the email threat has spread, but law enforcement in numerous jurisdictions across the country have released statements on social media and other outlets about the situation.

The Federal Bureau Of Investigation said it is aware of the threats and remains in contact with law enforcement across the country.



Speculation is the messages are robo-emails that were sent out in a group. The New York Police Department indicated on Twitter how it looks like they were sent to “cause disruption and/or obtain money."



Bomb Threats Asking For $20,000 In Bitcoin

A number of people on Twitter posted screenshots of the threatening email sent by the bitcoin scammers.



The email is printed in an article by

It begins declaring that “my mercenary” has placed a bomb in “the building where your business is conducted” that would wound many people upon detonation.

In order to “call off my man,” a payment of $20,000 in bitcoin must be made to an address listed in the message. The scammer says the guarantee to not detonate “will become valid only after 3 confirmations in blockchain.”   

Different Versions Of The Messages

According to The Verge, there seem to be multiple versions of the email, some of which list a different type of explosive material.

The actual bitcoin wallet also looks to vary across messages. The Verge also wrote that it was able to confirm at least three wallets. It is not yet clear if anyone has actually paid the ransom. 

Brazil's Central Bank Announces Near-Instant Payment System as Response to Bitcoin

Francisco Memoria

Brazil’s central bank has announced in São Paulo de launch of PIX, a new near-instant payment system that’ll allow for peer-to-peer payments to be processed in up to 10 seconds in response to bitcoin.

According to local news outlet Livecoins, the platform is set to go live on November 10. Roberto Campos Neto, president of Brazil’s central bank, noted PIX was a response to the “new digital economy” market by bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Neto was quoted as saying:

Pix came from a need for people to have a payment instrument that is both cheap, fast, transparent and secure. If we think about what has happened in terms of the creation of bitcoins, cryptocurrencies and other encrypted assets, it comes from the need to have an instrument with such characteristics.

Neto added PIX is one of the most important projects the central bank is launching this year, as it will support Brazil’s financial transformation. Per his words, it will help cut costs by reducing the need for physical money, which he claims “generates a great cost for society.”

The system is set to allow for peer-to-peer payments and it will even be possible to use to pay utility bills, as these will come with a readable QR code. João Manoel Pinho de Mello, director of the central bank’s Financial System and Resolution Organization, added PIX should be made available by commercial banks to all market participants.

PIX paymentsSource: Banco Central

Mello added that using the payment system transactions could be carried out by various methods, not just QR codes. In a way similar to cryptocurrency wallets, there will be address keys, but users will also be able to conduct transactions via mobile numbers or via NFC technology.

The idea, Mello said, is to “make it as easy as chatting in a chat” to send and receive money using a smartphone. Brazil is a country in which the cryptocurrency scene has been growing rapidly. As reported, its largest cryptocurrency exchange has predicted BTC could hit $15,000 this year.

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