Want A Hassle-Free Trading Experience? Try Bitsgap Cross-Exchange Platform

Tallinn, Estonia, November 26, 2018 – Bitsgap has introduced a new platform that unifies both trading and asset management for more than 30 popular cryptocurrency exchanges. The service provides a unique experience for all traders - with a fully secure and reliably fast interface for cryptocurrency spot trading on the top cryptocurrency exchanges, the platform can access more than 10,000 crypto pairs.

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The rapid development of the crypto industry saw both the interest of investors and traders spike as well as the trading volume on exchanges skyrocket. Since the market was not prepared for such a customer inflow, issues around the provision of service soon appeared. The situation on the market also forced many traders to manage several exchange accounts while looking for the best trading opportunity.

“We noticed that crypto traders are experiencing difficulties searching for the best prices on different exchanges making not efficient trading decisions. Our goal became to implement a unified solution which will offer a hassle-free trading experience for everyone”, said Maxim Kalmykov, CEO at Bitsgap 

“With Bitsgap platform we also implemented risk management tools like Stop Loss / Take Profit, Arbitrage, and Portfolio tracking services to cover all the needs to trade and manage crypto assets.”

Bitsgap Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency trading

The Platform resolved most of the issues by combining all tools and services into one :

  • Trading. The trading platform itself demonstrates Bitsgap's focus on helping users to manage their trades in the most effective way by giving access to a comprehensive list of features. In a matter of seconds, a trader can switch between exchanges and pairs while staying on the same browser tab. 

    Users are free to trade on all supported exchanges - watch the rates in their local currency, move open orders directly on the charts, use the most common and useful drawing tools and oscillators for TA as well as compare price points on multiple markets. The platform also allows the user to observe different pairs correlation as well as execute trades with predefined Stop Loss & Take Profit order.
  • Arbitrage. The price for the same asset on exchanges may differ due to low capitalization and unregulated volatility can sometimes be high, allowing users to make hundreds of dollars from a single trade. Therefore, traditional arbitrage methodology which involves a withdraw and deposit procedure is somewhat outdated and often fails. The Bitsgap developed an effective tool to assist with a simple set up and instant arbitrage execution.
  • Portfolio. The live portfolio tracking allows traders to monitor recent transactions on all connected exchanges and provide a detailed summary of trading activity. The platform enables users to know exactly how much money they are making and highlight the most successful trades made in the past.
  • DEMO. The Bitsgap team brought trading closer to novice users and introduced a demo-mode that allows testing trading strategies in a risk-free environment on all the supported exchanges.

The best part of Bitsgap is that the service is surprisingly fast and importantly free to use. The support service resolves issues within a few business days and the team has prepared a detailed knowledge base with internal user tools to help on board new customers.

For more information about Bitsgap, and free account sign up, please visit www.bitsgap.com or send an email to [email protected]

About Bitsgap

Bitsgap is an Estonian based company, revolutionized cryptocurrency trading. The platform provides hassle-free experience in Trading, Portfolio Tracking, and Arbitrage with access to more than 30 major crypto exchanges and supports trading for 10,000 currency pairs. For more information or free sign-up, visit www.bitsgap.com

Decibet: Where Football Betting and Crypto Meet

When the fun stops, stop - learn more about responsible gambling here.


ecibet is a betting platform dedicated to soccer and crypto enthusiasts that are looking for an easy way to bet on the matches they are interested in.  Decibet strives to provide an excellent betting experience for all its users by calculating each minute the highest quotes in the world.  The team believes that by having greater options of winning, the players will have a more fun time playing on the platform.


Easy to Use Website

The website was designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate by both beginner and experienced bettors.  It features a “Today’s matches” tab, which shows the matches that are ongoing on that day. Next to this tab are the Bets and Cash tabs. The Bets tabs feature your bets that are opened, closed and voided and the Cash tab allows you to select if you want to make a withdrawal or a deposit by selecting your amount and currency of choice from a dropdown list.

On the left side, there is a list where the matches are sorted by countries.  By clicking on a specific country, in the middle of the page will appear the matches with the team from that country along with their stats and odds.

In the far left corner, the user can select the website’s language.


The Decibet platform allows its users to place bets in a variety of cryptocurrencies, thus providing more options for its bettors. The list of supported cryptos includes top coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, as well as Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, Monero, Digibyte, Namecoin, MaidSafeCoin, Zcash, Gulden, Game Credits, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Lisk, PotCoin, Ripple, Stratis, Syscoin, Vertcoin, and Blackcoin.

This enables users to send and receive their funds in real time, without having to wait because of long processing times. Cryptocurrency transactions rely on blockchains, meaning there is no need for third-party financial processors. Another advantage of digital assets is that, unlike fiat currency, they are hard to trace, thus giving its users more privacy and anonymity when transacting.

Monero and Zcash are two cryptos that are highly used by those that want to anonymously transact online.

Excellent Odds

In sports betting, odds are an important factor that helps bet makers determine the probability of an outcome and their resulting winnings. Odds are calculated by bookmakers based on a sum of different factors. By implementing this system, Decibet is able to provide the most favorable odds for its users.

The winning score helps bettors choose the match with the highest chances of winning.

Respect for User Privacy

The sign-up process does not require the user to present any ID documents. Also, there is no lengthy verification process like on other betting sites. Decibet respects the privacy of its users and therefore does not ask for ID when registering, withdrawing or depositing.

Focused on Worldwide Football

Decibet brings together in one place the most important soccer/football matches from all over the world. It features a long list of countries from where the matches are held as well as World Cup events. You can bet on the teams from the following countries: Chile, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, South America, Argentina, Mexico, China, Portugal, Tunisia, Iran, Spain, Scotland, England, France, Israel, Norway, Belgium, Finland, Cyprus, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Holland, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Austria, Croatia and other European countries.

This ensures that bettors from all over the world can bet on their favorite team, regardless of the country they are from.

Up to 100% Welcome Bonus

New registrants on the platforms will be welcomed with a generous bonus of 100%, which can go up to $100 U.S. This is to motivate new players to join in on the fun and have some extra funds to place on their favorite matches.

Bilingual Customer Support

Their customer support and website were created to be accessible to all people of various languages. The website can be automatically translated into English, Spanish, French, Polish, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian by clicking on the language button that is on the far left of the screen.

Easy Crypto Pay-out

Once a bet has been validated (the bet is a winning one), the bettor will receive its pay-out immediately in the crypto of his preference without having any hidden fees added to his profit.

Own Affiliate and Referral Program  

Decibet users can win additional rewards if they refer their friends to the platform. Affiliates can earn by using their affiliate system, which is through Affiliada.com.

Decibet is a platform dedicated to worldwide football fans that want to bet using their cryptocurrency and benefit from the best odds and betting experience securely and anonymously.