Over the past few weeks, 10 new mobile apps that use the native cryptocurrency of the popular Kik messaging app, KIN, were launched. were launched. The cryptocurrency was created last year after Kik held a $98 million ICO.

On these apps, users can spend the token to buy features and even earn KIN for performing tasks. For example, Blastchat is a social networking site that in a way similar to Steemit, rewards users with tokens for posting, and curating content on the platform.

The KIN token was originally launched on the Ethereum network, but was later moved to Stellar so that it could take advantage of zero-fee transactions. There are currently eight Android apps that have integrated the cryptocurrency. These include a social goals app called GoChallenge.me, a mental health one called Vent, and a social tipping one called Kinny.

There are also two new apps being launched for iOS devices. One is Blaschat, an instant messaging app referred to above, while the other one is called Pause For and is set to help users’ productivity.

These aren’t the first apps launched using the KIN token. KIN has previously partnered with beauty app Perfect365, an app that delivers an augmented reality experience to its users, to incorporate rewards on its platform. There’s also the Kinit app, which is “Kin’s rewarding app.” This app allows users to make money for completing tasks, such as surveys and quizzes.

Despite these issues, KIN is running into technical issues. Currently, users cannot deposit or withdraw KIN tokens from the apps, but KIN’s team says that they’re working on it.

Ayelet Laub, product manager for Kin, explains: “the app needs to reveal the user’s public wallet address. We need to figure out how to do it in the easiest way and most user-friendly way,” Laub also commented on the direction KIN is trying to take with the token.