Here’s What’s Going on at the Time of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hard Fork

Final thoughts  - The ABC blockchain is five blocks ahead of SV, as the latter's price tanks

The Bitcoin Cash ABC blockchain is currently ahead of the the Bitcoin Cash SV blockchain by five blocks, most of them mined by, thanks to its strategy of taking hashrate from the BTC blockchain and deploying it on the BCH blockchain. Since the ABC side currently has more hashrate than SV, a 51% attack isn’t possible.

On the SV side, some reports claim nodes are crashing. On crypto exchanges already trading the BCHABC and BCHSV tokens - Poloniex and Bitfinex - SV’s tokens are plummeting. Currently, BCHABC is trading at $312, while BCHSV is down to $77.

Notably, won’t be able to keep on directing its pool’s BTC’s hashrate to the ABC blockchain as it’s being rented by its clients. When its hashrate is directed back to BTC’s blockchain, it’s unclear whether SV will have enough hashrate to attack the ABC blockchain.

We’d like to thank you for following the Bitcoin Cash hard fork with us. CryptoGlobe will soon publish an update on the situation and will keep on monitoring the situation.

18:47 - ABC has mined eight post-fork blocks while SV mined five, thanks to added hashrate

The BCH ABC blockchain has already seen eight blocks be mined after the hard fork, and seven of them were mined by The mining pool, which mines both BTC and BCH, redirected most of its hashpower to the BCH blockchain, presumably to prevent a 51% attack.

The move has now seen the ABC blockchain have more hashpower than SV, which means a 51% attack is currently impossible. Currently, estimates put Bitcoin Cash ABC’s hashpower at 3,850 PH/s, and Bitcoin Cash SV’s at 2,915 PH/s

Bitcoin ABC's hashrate is currently above that of Bitcoin SV

18:17 - Bitfinex reveals it’ll attribute th BCH ticker to the winning blockchain, first SV block mined

The popular Bitfinex exchange has recently revealed, via Twitter,that’s set to attribute the BCH ticker to the “winning” blockchain. The ticker will not be assigned until the hard fork is complete and, presumably, until the dust settles.

The cryptocurrency exchange has also revealed it just credited users who were engaging in pre-fork trading with their respective BCHABC and BCHSV tokens. At about the same time the SV blockchain just mined its first block. This officially confirms the chain has split.

18:11 - The ABC blockchain is block ahead of SVs

The BCH blockchain split merely minutes ago and the BCHABC supporters have already mined two additional blocks, while the blockchain supported by self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright is seemingly pending, with no additional blocks being mined so far.

Blocks on ABC’s blockchain are currently seeing thousands of transactions go through it. According to some monitoring tools these transactions have extremely low fees attached to them.

18:06 - Block 556767 has been mined and BCH blockchain just split into two

The mining pool  has recently mined block number 556767 on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. It’s the first post-fork and was mined by a mining pool supporting the Bitcoin ABC development team.

Those supporting Bitcoin Cash SV just regarded the block as invalid, which means the Bitcoin Cash blockchain just split into two.

17:23 -’s mining pool adds 4 exahash of mining power’s mining pool, an organization that supports the Bitcoin ABC development team, has reportedly added 4 exahash of mining power directed at the BCH blockchain, presumably in a response  to prevent BCHSV’s 51% attack threat.

16:35 UTC - BCHABC surges on Poloniex as BCHSV declines

Shortly before the hard fork, the price of BCHABC’s “futures” has started surging and are currently trading at $285, while BCHSV’s futures started plummeting, and have already dropped below $100.

As previously covered, the pre-fork futures had a very narrow gap merely days ago, at about the time cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex launched trading pairs as well.

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork - ABC vs. SV

Bitcoin Cash’s (BCH) blockchain is about to undergo a hard fork that’s set to split it in two separate networks. Here you’ll find CryptoGlobe’s live coverage of the situation. As previously covered, there are two opposing sides with “skin in the game.”

One side, Bitcoin Cash ABC, sees the Bitcoin ABC development team attempt to improve the cryptocurrency technology, while the side backed by self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto Craig Wright, Bitcoin Cash SV, is looking to increase its block size from 32 MB to 128 MB.

Currently the market is favouring Bitcoin Cash ABC with a price of over $312 compared to BCHSV which is currently trading at $77. As the chart shows it was only 24 hours earlier BCHSV briefly surpassed BCHABC as CryptoGlobe covered.

Bitcoin ABC has been surging while Bitocin SV is plummeting after the forkBCHABC (red) pulls away from BCHSV (Blue) in price

Bitcoin Cash SV’s miners currently hold roughly 71% of the network’s hashrate, and have threatened a 51% attack against the chain supporting Bitcoin Cash ABC. The threat would see them mine empty blocks on the chain, in an attempt to stop transactions from going through.

According to Coin.Dance data, only about 8% of the network’s nodes support BCHSV. Recently, an SV-supporting website, CoinGeek, was hit with a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. While attacking the website itself doesn’t harm BCHSV, attacking CoinGeek’s dominant mining pool or BCHSV’s nodes could affect its resources.

Most cryptocurrency exchanges have already suspended BCH deposits and withdrawals. Moving coins right after the hard fork isn’t advisable, as replay protection hasn’t been implemented. This could see users accidentally spend funds on both chains.

Resources to Track the Fork

  • Fork Monitor -
  • Fork tool -  
  • Coin.Dance -
  • BCHSV price -
  • BCHABC price -

Crypto Market-Maker Altonomy Receives $7 Million in Funding from Polychain Capital

Altonomy, a New York-based cryptoasset trading, advisory, and asset management company, has completed a $7 million fundraising round from Polychain Capital, a leading hedge fund and venture capital firm.

Co-founded by Ricky Li, a former Manager of Research and Product at the CME Group, Altonomy has also received funding from 7 Blocks.

Additional Capital Will Allow Altonomy to Have More Inventory

Commenting on how the additional capital could help Altonomy’s business operations, Li said: 

As a liquidity provider for altcoins, more funding will allow us to have more inventory, taking larger exposure and managing risk more effectively.

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Funds May Be Used to “Source Liquidity for Customers”

Olaf Carlson-Wee, the Founder and CEO at Polychain Capital, remarked:

As a long-time user of Altonomy’s trading services, it was an easy decision for us to invest in their business when the opportunity became available.

Carlson-Wee, a former Product Manager and Head of Risk at Coinbase, also mentioned that the additional funding would help “source liquidity for customers, regardless of token type, order size, market cap, or whether the asset trades on centralized or decentralized exchanges.”

According to Coindesk, Li had suggested to investors in January 2019 that they “liquidate enough ETH so they would have at least two years of runway.” However, Li is now anticipating that cryptocurrency prices may continue to recover - after enduring a long bear market that lasted throughout 2018.

Altonomy Introduces Cloud Service for Crypto Mining

In addition to providing crypto trading and asset management services, Altonomy introduced a new product last year, called the AltMiner. According to Li, AltMiner’s cloud service allows Altonomy’s bigger investors to mine various cryptocurrencies.

Altonomy’s management claims that the AltMiner has a “superior return profile” with the “newest generation of miners, low electricity costs and a secure hosting site.”

During an interview with CryptoGlobe in May 2019, Lee explained how Altonomy’s crypto trading services were developed and their potential benefits.

One of Altonomy’s main services, called electronic execution, allows mining firms, investment companies and crypto exchanges to “enter and exit positions as an outsourced execution desk.”

As a high-frequency market-maker, Altonomy also provides liquidity for various tokens to several crypto spot and derivatives trading platforms.