DappRadar Adds Support for TRON (TRX) Apps

Siamak Masnavi

On Friday (23 November 2018), the TRON Foundation announced that the decentralized application (Dapp) analytics site DappRadar had "started listing TRON Dapps and tracking related data."

Actually, a day earlier (i.e. on November 22nd), Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of the TRON Foundation, had unofficially announced the news by tweeting:

DappRadar allows Dapps to be sorted by several metrics, including daily number of users (in the past 24-hour period), daily/weekly trading volume (in terms of tokens), and daily/weekly number of transactions.

Then, on November 23rd, the TRON Foundation published a post on its Medium blog, which said that "the world’s largest Dapp market data and Dapp distribution platform", which until then had only been providing data for Ethereum and EOS Dapps, had added support for TRON Dapps. This blog post pointed out that "DappRadar also presents the statistical data of the Dapp ecosystem in a visual way with charts and graphs, offering insights of the entire Dapp ecosystem," which "only helps the Dapp developers understand market changes and make decisions based on the data, but also allows Dapp users to discover the newest, most popular or the most functional Dapps based on the data."

Herre's a snapshot from DappRadar that shows a table of information (sorted by 24-hour active users) about TRON Dapps

DappRadar TRON Table Screenshot.png

The TRON Foundation also published on its blog on November 23rd the "TRON Dapp Weekly Report" for the period November 17th to November 23rd. Here were some of the key numbers:

  • "The transaction volume for Dapps increased by 15% compared with last week"
  • "TRON's account number has reached 640,000, surpassing EOS"
  • "the 24-hour transaction volume on the MainNet hit 1,562,838 and the number is increasing steadily"
  • "TRON's official DEX has also seen strong growth with a daily transaction volme of over 100 million TRX"

And the day after this blog post was published, TRON set a new record for the 24-hour transaction volume on the MainNet:

Earlier today, the TRON Foundation CEO had this message of hope for TRX HODLers:


Featured Image Courtesy of DappRadar