Blockchain Friendly Governor Jared Polis Wants Colorado to Embrace Crypto

As the American mid-term elections finally come to an end, Colorado’s new blockchain-friendly governor Jared Polis wants the state to embrace crypto and its technological innovations.

Not only is Polis the first ever openly gay person to be elected governor, but is also a massive crypto advocate. So whether you are politically red or blue, if you are a crypto enthusiast from Colorado, it’s been a great day and you have won regardless.

Great News for American Crypto Fans

The crypto industry has been a major winner this week with not just the appointment of Polis but also Arizona’s David Schweikert who is also a blockchain supporter. The Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, who had been accepting bitcoin donations to fund his campaign was also reelected to office.

The biggest news, however, is that Democrat Jared Polis is now the Governor of Colorado and has pledged to bring the state back to its roots as a major center for crypto and blockchain innovations and technology.

What makes Polis so popular with Coloradan natives is that he is different from your standard politician. While many elected members are career politicians and sometimes do not understand certain issues and especially blockchain technology,  Polis has previously founded three tech startups, so he understands the industry. Two of those companies went on to make hundreds of millions of dollars.

Polis Stands in Crypto’s Corner

You may remember when Polis co-chaired the Congressional Blockchain Caucus and took a swipe at the anti-bitcoin naysayers by jokingly creating a proposal that aimed to eradicate the US dollar.

Since running as a candidate for the governor job, Polis had stated that he intends to make Colorado a blockchain epicenter once more and help to develop a framework to regulate and foster blockchain technologies and innovations. When talking about his plans during his campaign, Polis said he wants to:

“Establish Colorado as a national hub for blockchain innovation in business and government.”

As the mid-term elections have proven to be a massive success for crypto-advocating politicians, the crypto space will pay close attention to how this evolves during the next round of elections.

Block.One’s New Social Media Platform Voice Briefly Launched Ahead of Schedule

Michael LaVere
  • Block.One's new social media platform Voice launched briefly ahead of schedule.
  • The blockchain-based platform made its official release on July 4th, placing an emphasis on real user connections. 

The blockchain-based social media platform Voice briefly went live a day ahead of its scheduled launch on July 4th. 

Voice, developed by EOSIO creator was originally scheduled for launch on the United State’s Independence Day. However, the project briefly went live on July 3rd, with the platform’s main page temporarily displaying posts from several different accounts featuring likes and comments. 

The website was subsequently pulled, with the page displaying an “Error 1020” message in the interim. 

Desipte the miscue, the social media platform was able to initiate its official launch the following day with the iOS app also being made available. 

As previously reported, Voice pivoted its planned launch date in Fall 2020 to July in response to global social unrest. The new platform, which utilizes blockchain technology and biometric authentication to cut down on the number of spam users, has placed an emphasis on real interactions, news, and connections. 

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