Ever since cryptocurrencies made their presence online, they have become a force to reckon with in the online gambling space. Bitcoin happens to be among the over 2000 cryptocurrencies and the most famous.

Bitcoin is a revelation to my players because of the guarantee of anonymity and security while using it. Due to its rising popularity and its acceptance as a form of payment online, online casinos have been forced to meet players demand and introduce it as a form of payment. What’s more fascinating is that bitcoin is used for playing live casino games. In fact, if you want to try live dealer casino online, you will find hundreds of casinos offering bitcoin live games. This article is an in-depth exploration of how bitcoin live casinos work, games you can play on bitcoin live casinos, bitcoin live tips, and the advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin live casino games.

How bitcoin live games work

Bitcoin live games have outclassed the traditional online casinos. The difference between the traditional online casinos and bitcoin live casino is that with bitcoin live gambling there is a human dealer/croupier unlike with traditional online gambling where the live games were determined by a random number generator. The following is how bitcoin live casinos work:

First, players will need to identify an online casino that accepts bitcoin as a payment method. Thereafter, you will need to open an account and make a bitcoin deposit. Most bitcoin casinos will require only a username, email, and password during account registration. You will then head to the live casino games section and identify the games you are interested in playing.

You will be prompted to play, which upon clicking play you will be directed to a computer page mimicking a brick and mortar casino. You will need to have a headset to communicate with the live dealers. There is also a chat function you can use to communicate. A real dealer is connected to the website and live video streaming is enabled. You will then have a live interaction with the dealers – much like what happens in a brick and mortar casino.

During gameplay, players will be required to place their bets prior action. Thereafter, the croupier will deal the cards or spin the ball and bets will be settled automatically.

Games you can play on bitcoin live casino

Bitcoin live casino has replicated the feel of playing on a physical casino. As a result, most of the table games found on brick and mortar casinos are also found on bitcoin live casinos. The following are the most common games found on bitcoin live casinos:

Live Roulette – Just like land-based roulette, live roulette isn’t any different – only that the experience has been brought online. When playing online, you will have to select the numbers you are betting on using the mouse, select the stake and wait for the live dealer to spin the ball.

Live Blackjack – this is a multiplayer game with room for seven players on each table. You need to choose your position using your mouse, and you let the dealer carry you request alongside other players’ requests and have to wait for her action.

Live Dice – With live dice, the dice are viewed in 3D, and the dice are tossed by real dealers. Players have to choose one side from the five possible sides.

Live lottery – The bitcoin live lottery has two variants – but both of them involve picking random numbers. The numbers that a player can pick may vary from casino to casino and a game is played after roughly 5 minutes.

Others – Other bitcoin live games that can be players can play are: Live poker, Live sic bo, Live Baccarat, Live Blackjack, and Live craps.

Bitcoin live tips

By keeping in mind the following hints, you will have some edge when playing the bitcoin live games.

‘Pretty ladies ploy’ – the ladies acting as dealers are sometimes used to trigger players to engage in high-risk wagering. Keep your mind clear of any temptation and concentrate on your gameplay.

Other players’ activity – When playing on bitcoin live, your emotions might be aroused by other players’ activity during gameplay. For instance, a fellow player may troll you on chat box because of your consecutive losses, and you end up increasing your stake.

Background test – You should conduct some background test on the casino you want to sign up with. Fineonlinecasinos.com will assist you to identify the best casinos that accept bitcoin. Playing from a reputable and licensed casino may mean the difference between a good experience and a bad one.

Advantages of bitcoin live games

Provably fair games – players can test for randomness of the games for slots games. Table games will involve real human action and players will witness the croupier action.

Anonymity –  You will be asked for very few personal details during registration or during withdrawal.

Social Interaction – Players have the chance to chat with other players in a very similar way to what happens in land-based casinos.

Disadvantages of bitcoin live games

Slow pace – Some players may slow the game when calling bets.

High bet limit – it’s ideal for high rollers.